Bài giảng môn Anh văn - Unit 1: What are you like?

What is your favorite place?

Why do you like it?

What does this say about your personality?

My favorite place is a coffee shop near school. I love go to there with my friends.”


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Unit 1What are you like?Activity 1A . Pair work. Look at these pictures. Where are the people? What are they doing?They’re at an amusement park. They’re laughing and having funB. Pair work .Describe the places in part A. Which kinds of places do you like the most? The least? Use these words and your own ideas.busy	crowded	exciting	peaceful	relaxingcalm	dull	 noisy	quiet	 solitary“The amusement park is busy and noisy. I like calm, quiet places the most.”C. Join another pair Discuss these questions. What is your favorite place?Why do you like it?What does this say about your personality?“My favorite place is a coffee shop near school. I love go to there with my friends.”Activity 2A Work alone Rank these colors from 1(your favorite) to 9 (your least favorite). Then compare with a partner.pink________green________White________purple________Blue________yellow________Black________brown________Red________B Pair work Can you guess what these colors say about your personality? Write the colors next to the statements.C Listen Did you guess correctly?D . Group work Is the statement about your favorite color true for you?Is the statement about your least favorite color false for you?What do you think about this personality analysis? Is it accurate or inaccurate?Discuss these questions “My favorite color is blue. I like fresh air and the outdoors, but I hate cold weather.”Activity 3 Communication task Work in pairs. One of you should look at Task 2 on page 76, and the other at Task 22 on page 84. You’re going to ask each other about your habits and personal qualities.1B Breaking the iceActivity 1 A Pair work Imagine you want to meet Jenny or Greg. What would you say to “break the ice”?JennyGregI’d say, “Is anyone sitting here?”“You could also say “Is this seat taken?”B Listen Annie is speaking to Jenny, and Tony is speaking to Greg. Is anyone sitting here? Is this seat taken? Where are you traveling to?Is the coffee good? How’s the coffee here? What are you reading?Check () the icebreakers they useActivity 2 A Pair work Check () the icebreakers you’d say to someone you are meeting for the first time. Write an () next to the icebreakers you’d never say. Someone your ageSomeone much oldermalefemalemale femaleHow are you doing?Are you married?I love your jacket.What do you do for a living?We haven’t met. My name’s ...D ListenFirst, guess Annie’s and Tony’s questions. Then listen to their conversations. Check your guesses.Annie’s questions	Jenny’s answersWhat’s _______________?	Jenny.Where did ____________ ?	Lincoln High School.What were ____________?	English and geography.Who was _____________ ?	Mrs. Green. She was the best!Tony’s questions	Greg’s answersWhat’s ______________?	Greg.What are ______________?	A history book.When will ______________?	Next year.What will ______________?	Maybe teach history. I don’t B Join another pair How is your choice of icebreaker different for a male or female? for someone your age or someone much older? “ I wouldn’t say ‘How are you doing?’ to someone much older. It’s a little too informal.”Activity 3 A Pair work Imagine you’re meeting for the first time. Start a conversation. Use these expressions to keep the conversation going.Really?	Why is that?	How come?	That’s interesting What do you mean?“What are you listening to?”“Hip-hop. It’s my favorite kind of music.”“That’s interesting. It’s my favorite, too. Who’s your favorite singer?”B. Communication task Work in groups of three. One of you should look at Task 3 on page 77 another at Task 20 on page 83, and another at Task 23 on page 85. You’re going to find out more about the students in your class. Self-study For extra grammar, listening, and vocabulary practice, go to pages 94-95 The End 

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