Bài giảng môn Anh văn - Unit 10: Section B(3 - 6)

Minh is in the hospital__________________

Minh’s cavity is serious_________________

Dr Lai fills the cavity in Minh’s tooth_______

Minh never forget to brush his teeth________

Dr Lai is checking Minh’s teeth____________


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Welcome to Duc Tri high schoolGrade 7Unit 10 - section B(3-6)Teacher: Khanh Linh (Duc Tri) _ Thien Thanh (Tran Van On) A bad toothachehow do you feel when you have toothache?what do you do when you have a tooth decay?what do you think about them?New wordsSurgery = a clinic roomCheck the teeth = examine the teethRegularly = usuallyFill the cavity = make the cavity fullMinh is in the hospital__________________Minh’s cavity is serious_________________Dr Lai fills the cavity in Minh’s tooth_______Minh never forget to brush his teeth________Dr Lai is checking Minh’s teeth____________True-False testFALSEFALSEFALSETRUETRUECOMPLETE THE STORYMinh is very_________ and Dr Lai notices this. She __________ at Minh and tells him not to worry. She explains one of his teeth has a ____________. He has to _________ them regularly. After Dr Lai fills his tooth, Minh leaves. He is very______________worriedsmilescavitybrushhappyMinh’s problem Worried and scaredHates the sound of the drill.Has a cavity in his teeth.Sometimes forgets to brush his teethDr Lai’s adviceBrushing the teethAlways keep the teeth cleanHow do you feel when you have tooth decay?Practice B4 p.105Example:Minh’s tooth hurtsWhy?Because he has a cavityTake care of your teethDODON’T BRUSH YOUR TEETH AFTER MEALSCHECK THE TEETH REGULARLYFILL THE CAVITY IMMEDIATELYEAT A BALANCED DIETEAT TOO MUCH CANDY AND CAKEFORGET TO CLEAN YOUR TEETHUSE OLD TOOTHBRUSHCLEAN TEETH ARE HEALTHY TEETHHOMEWORKImagine you are a speaker of a WHO meeting. You are introducing the actual situation of toothache in HoChiMinh city and the dental campaign activities.You have to read the text carefully and answer these following questions : What is tooth decay?Give some causes.How to solve these problems?Introduce the dental campaign activitiesGUIDES- Collect information- Design a powerpoint show for lecture- Design a poster to broadcast the dental campaign activities.- Design a website for receiving feedback information and register.SOURCESEnglish 7 Student bookFind information about toothache in HoChiMinh city.(From Internet, newspaper, Encarta Encyclopedia)Find information about dental campaign activities(From Internet, newspaper, Encarta Encyclopedia)Consult the school website, www.ductri.edu.vn	SCHEDULE12/11/2005 (Today) : Discuss in class, divide groupsFrom 12 to 17/11/2005 : Finish tasks18/11/2005 : Register your tasks19/11/2005 : Report Achievement

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