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Unit 12Chung suc QuizReadingNew wordsComplete the tableA vacation abroadReadLesson 4PHẠM THỊ HƯƠNGTRƯỜNG: VÕ THÀNH TRANGWashington32Las Vegas8New York25Chicago5Los Angeles15Philadelphia3San Francisco10Dallas2x13572648xxxxxxxReadNew words:lava (n.)pour (v.)overhead (adv.)wharf (n.)valley (n.)wine-growing area (n.)prison (n.)carve (v.)situate (v.)lavawharfvalleyWine-growing areaprisoncarveLake MichiganWrite what Mrs. Quyen did and saw in each of these place.Placea. Hawaiib. New Yorkc. Chicagod. Mount Rushmoree. San FranciscoWhat she did and sawgo swimming, visited Kilauea Volcanowent shopping, bought lots of souvenirssaw Lake Michigansaw the heads of 4 American presidentsvisited Fisherman’s Wharf, Napa Valley wine-growing area and the Alcatraz prisonAnswer the following questionsa) How did Mrs. Quyen go to Kilauea Volcano?b) Where in San Francisco did Mrs. Quyen see the famous prison?c) What is special about Mount Rushmore?d) What is the other name of Chicago?e) What did Mrs. Quyen do while her husband was visiting the Statue of Liberty?She went there by plane.b) She saw the famous prison on the island of Alcatrazc) It’s a mount where heads of 4 American presidents are carved into the rock.d) It is also called “The Windy City”e) She went shopping. True or false?The Mount Rushmore has the pictures of the five American presidents’ heads.The Empire State Building is in New York.“The Windy City is on the shore of Lake Michigan”There is a famous prison in Hawaii.FTTFHOMEWORKWrite 3 famous places in VN and tell what the special things of those places are Write 5 famous places in the world you know

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