Bài giảng môn Anh văn - Unit 12: Let’s eat!

New words:

_ to slice

_ to heat

_ to stir-fry

_ to add

_ to boil

_ to taste


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Unit 12: LET’S EAT!Section A3:What shall we eat?Teacher: Mai Thị Mỹ Anh MinhSchool: Võ Thành TrangCOMBINATIONWhich spices do you usually use for making a meal?Rice 60 Pork 50 Fish 40	 Beef 20 Salad 30 Spinach 10G. 1G. 21. Tell names of the food and vegetable we eat regularly.Salt 60 Sugar 50 Pepper 40 Onion 10I) New words:To sliceTo heatTo stir-fryTo addTo boilTo tasteNew words:_ to slice_ to heat_ to stir-fry_ to add_ to boil_ to tasteII) Practice:* Add the missing verbs: the beef. the green peppers and onions. the pan. the beef. some soy sauce to the dish. rice. salt to the spinach.__Slice__ __Slice____Heat____Stir-fry__ __Add____Boil_ __Add__ Good bye, class!

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