Bài giảng môn Anh văn - Unit 12: Music

Do you often listen to music?

What sort of music do you like?

What are the names of some softs of music you know?




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Unit 12 : MUSICLesson focus: READING Do you often listen to music?What sort of music do you like?What are the names of some softs of music you know?WarmerPRE-TEACH VOCAB: a strong feeling+ eg. We use our language to with each other every day.(to) com’municate:+’mounful (a) : very sad+’integral (a) : essential+ (to) lull : to make sb relaxed and calm.+’solemn(a) : looking very serious+(to) de’light : to give some body a lot of pleasure and enjoyment.e’motion : Eg. We use our language towith each other every day(to) com’municatevery sadPRE- READINGListen and tell me what sort of music it is?+ Folk music+ Rock ‘n’ roll+ Pop+ Classical music+ JazzTASK 0:Find the main idea of each paragraph+ Para.1 : Music makes humans different from all other animals.+ Para.2 : It is an integral part of our life.+ Para.3: It is a big business and entertainment.TASK 1 ( page 125 ) Gap fillCommunicate LullDelightsIntegralSolemnEmotionTASK 2 ( page 126 )Wh- questions:1- Viet cau hoi Dap an :Language and musicIt can express one’s anger..dreams.It adds mournful.It makes people happy, excited. It delights the senses.Because music is a billion – dollar industry.POST- READINGHow many roles of music are mentioned in the text?In your opinion, which of the roles of music in the most important?

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