Bài giảng môn Anh văn - Unit 4: Conservation

Keeping safe from harm or danger

TµI nguyªn thiªn nhiªn

Supply water

Make dirty


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Welcome to our classWarm-upUnit 4: Conservation ReadingPre-readingList some words connected the environmentEnvironmentEnvironmentTreesforestWild-animals soilwater AirRun offClean airPolluted airVocabulary1. preservation (n)Keeping safe from harm or danger2. Natural resourcesTµI nguyªn thiªn nhiªn3. irrigate (v)Supply water4. pollute (v)Make dirty5. Wild-lifeAnimals living in natural conditionsWhile readingComplete the sentences2. Preserving ________ resources is very important.1._______ wild-life need the cooperation of the public.Safeguarding natural3. You should not swim in this lake because the water is __________contaminatedConservationPreventionOfWaste ? ? ? ? ?forestsoilWild lifemineralHuman livesGAP-FILLFill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.When you (1)__________ a tree, you are helping your environment in many ways. Your tree will provide a home and food for other creatures. Birds may build (2)________ in the branches. The flowers will provide honey for bee and the fruit or nuts may (3)_________ birds and other small animals. Your trees will hold the soil in place. This will help stop erosion. In addition, your tree will provide shade in summer. You can watch your tree (4)_________, and someday you (5)__________ your children, or even grandchildren the tree you planted.A. chop 	b. plant	c. water	d. cutA. bed	b. house	c. nets	d. nestsA. to feed	b. feeds	c. feed	d. fedA. grow	b. grow up	c. grow down	d. grow onA. introduce	b. explain	c. show	d. show upplantnestsfeedgrow upshowPost readingWhat is conservation?In the past, what did most people believe?How can people protect their land?Thank you

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