Bài giảng môn Anh văn - Unit 5: Air pollution

-Atomic bomb (n): bom nguyeân töû

-Dust storm (n): baõo buïi

-Volcanic eruption (n): söï phun traøo nuùi löûa.

-Forest fire (n): chaùy röøng.

-Garbage (n): raùc.

-Vehicles (pl.n): xe coä.


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CPENGLISH 12PERIOD 31Nov.17th, 2006INCPOLPLUTOI. WARM-UP:IAR210 549138761112CPUNIT 5:AIR POLLUTION(PART I: Clean air  particles)AIR POLLUTIONCPINEW WORDSIIGUESSINGIIIQUESTIONSIVMULTIPLE CHOICEVDISCUSSIONAIR POLLUTIONCPINEW WORDSIIGUESSINGIIIQUESTIONSIVMULTIPLE CHOICEVDISCUSSIONCPI. NEW WORDS: Atomic bomb (n): Bom nguyeân t öû Dust Storm (n): Baõo buïiCPCPVolcanicSöï phun traøo nuùi löûaEruption (n):CPForest fire (n):Chaùy röøngCPGarbage (n): RaùcVehicles (pl.n): Xe coäCPCPI. NEW WORDS:-Atomic bomb (n): bom nguyeân töû-Dust storm (n): baõo buïi-Volcanic eruption (n): söï phun traøo nuùi löûa.-Forest fire (n): chaùy röøng.-Garbage (n): raùc.-Vehicles (pl.n): xe coä.CP*Checking:II.CPII. GUESSING:What are some sources of air pollution in cities?CPFORESTS PARKSAIRPOLLUTIONGARBAGEINDUSTRYANIMALS HOME HEATINGRIVERS VEHICLESIN CITIESCPAIRPOLLUTIONGARBAGEINDUSTRY HOME HEATING VEHICLESAIRPOLLUTIONAIRPOLLUTIONAIRPOLLUTIONAIRPOLLUTIONIN CITIESIII.CPIII. Questions:What is air pollution? What two gases occur in the air naturally?Give some examples of air pollution.How do vehicles pollute the air in cities?CP1. What is air pollution?-> Wastes make the air contaminated and unpleasant to breathe: it is air pollution.2. What two gases occur in the air naturally?CP-> Water vapour and carbon dioxide occur in the air naturally.CP3. Give some examples of air pollution?-> Dust storms, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, pollen and marsh gases.CP4. How do vehicles pollute the air in cities?-> Vehicles give off smoke, burning oil and lead that pollute the air.IV.CPIV. Multiple choice:Clean air is ____ for our health.	 A. good B. bad C. dangerous D. poisonous123456789101112131415CP2. Carbon monoxide is a(n) ___ gas. A. odourless B. colourless C. tasteless D. all are correct.123456789101112131415CP3. Nitrogen dioxide is ____ nitric oxide. A. as dangerous as B. more dangerous than C. less dangerous than D. None of all 123456789101112131415CPV.4. The text gives us information about___ A. the definition of air pollution. B. some sources of air pollution. C. some examples of air pollution. D. A, B and C123456789101112131415CPV. Discussion:Discuss about the solutions of air pollution in Vietnam.Causes Solutions1.Garbage2. Dust3. Vehicles4. Industry5. Forest fires recycle, keep clean, irrigate,use the energy of the sun,develop hydropower, manage carefully,CPThe PrimeMinisterOfVietnam What would you do to solve the problem of air pollution in our country if you were the Prime Minister of Vietnam?+ Write a paragraph:* Homework:CPClean airTHE ENDCHAU PHU HIGHSCHOOLGOODBYE!SEE YOU AGAINCPCPCPCPCPIn VietnamWhy are they wearing masks?

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