Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Lesson 10: A family reunion

New words

II. Grammar

III. Read Dialogue

IV. Practice

Practice 1


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 period:24T: Mai Thi Bich Vuonglesson 10: A Family Reunion
I. New wordsII. GrammarIII. Read DialogueIV. PracticePractice 1Ex. This is a cat These are catsThose are/ these are + NChild / ChildrenThis is my childThat is my childThese are my childThose are my childBrother/ brothersThis is my brotherThat is my brotherThese are my brothersThose are my brothersSister/ SistersThis is my sisterThat is my sisterThese are my sistersThose are my sistersFriend/ friendsThis is my friendThat is my friendThese are my friendsThose are my friendsMother + father = ParentsThese are my parentsThose are my parentsPractice 21.Are these bicycles?Are those bicycles?Yes, they areARE+ Those/ These + N ? Yes, they are No, They are n’tPensAre those pens ?Yes/ they are234 567Practice 3: ObjectiveIYou WeTheySheHe ItMeYouUsThemHerHisItA, Read following meI am cold. Look at meShe is cold. Look at herHe is cold. Look at himThey are cold. Look at themWe are cold. Look at usUse : ME, HIM, THEM, HER, US TO REPLACEListen to my boyListen to my father and my motherListen to this girlDon’t look at the boy. Look at his friendsDon’t listen to Lan. Listen to her brotherDon’t listen to my childrenListen to himListen to themListen to herDon’t look him. Look at themDon’t listen to her. Listen to himDon’t listen to them

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