Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Period 26 - Unit 4(cont) - Lesson 5B4


1,(to) receive:nhận

2(to) contain:chứa đựng

3,(an) employee:nhân viên

4,(a) copy:bản sao


*T/F prediction

1,The library of Congress is in New York F

2,It rewceives copies of all English books

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Well come to all teachers to our class*Matching1,Math, science books a, are English books2,History, geography books. b,are on the rack in the middle3,Readers , novels,reference books. c,are on the left4,Books in English d,are on the right5,Magazines and newspapers e,are at the back of the libraryPeriod 26: Unit4(cont) Lesson 5B4I/Vocabulary1,(to) receive:nhận2(to) contain:chứa đựng3,(an) employee:nhân viên4,(a) copy:bản saoII/Reading*T/F prediction1,The library of Congress is in New York F2,It rewceives copies of all English books F3,There are over 1000 million books in the library T4,The shelves are about 300 km long F5, 5000 people work in the library T*Answer the questionsa,Where is the library of Congress? It’s in Wasington D.C ,the capital of theUSAb,How many books does it have? It has over 1000 milion booksC,How long are it’s shelves? It has about 1000km of shelvesd,How many employees work there? Over 5000 employees work theree,Why is it so large? Because it receives of all American booksIII/PracticeYour shool libraryThe library of Congresssmaller VMore modern VHas more books VHas shorter bookshelves VHas more employees Vlargest V*Complete the following sentences1, Our library is than the library of Congress2,The library of Congress isthan our school library3,It has .than our school library4,It has...................................employees than our school library5,It is the. library in the WorldsmallerMore modernmoreMore booksmorelargestHomework

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