Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 1: A day in the life of……

I am a teache

 We often play computer games

 She plays computer games everyday




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UNIT 1: A DAY IN THE LIFE OFWow! The boys kicks the ball powerfullyShe often reads book in the eveningsPRONUNCIATION/I/ : short vowelkick	bit	clicklittle	interest/i:/ long vowelread	heat	repeatmeat	eatenhitbeat	GRAMMAR and VOCABULARYThe present SimpleAdverbs of frequency The past simpleTHE PRESENT SIMPLES + Be: is/ am/ are V / Vs,esE.g.: 	I am a teacher	We often play computer games	 She plays computer games everyday	 I am not a teacherwe don’t often play gamesShe doesn’t play computer gamesNew WordsGive up (v)= stop (v)Realise (v): nhận raboot (n): ủngrubbish (n): rácExercise 1isfishworryarecatcham7. catch8. go9. give up10. say11. realize12. am Adverbs of Frequency: Always, usually, sometimes, never, often, normally, occasionally, as a rule e.g.: She is always late for school	 I often go to school on timePosition: after to be , before verbe.g.: He doesn’t smoke as a rule 	 as a rule, he doesn’t smokeAs a rule : its position is often at the end of the sentence or at the beginning of the sentence THE PAST SIMPLES + V-ed (regular verb) V2 (irregular verb) E.g.: He played soccer yesterday	They went to school by bus last week Exercise 3was donecookedweresmelttoldsangbecamefeltput out10. crept11. slept12. woke13. were14. leapt15. hurried16. found17. wound18. flewHOMEWORKRevision: form and use of present simple tense and past simple tenseExercise (hand-out)

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