Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 11: Keep fit, stay healthy

What’s the matter?

What’s the matter?

What’s the matter? I am sick.

What’s the matter? Are you OK?

I am sick today. Oh, no!

What’s the matter?

I am very, very sick today. Oh, no!

I am very, very, very, very sick today.

That’s too bad!


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TRƯỜNG THCS TÂY SƠNENGLISH 7Giáo viên: Lê Thị Útgo fishingplay volleyballdo aerobicsgo jogginggo swimmingSporting activitiesBrainstormingplay tennisStart0001020304050607080910111213141516171819202122232425UNIT 11: KEEP FIT, STAY HEALTHYSECTION B: What was wrong with you? (B1)LanMr.Tan LISTENINGB1/ P.110UNIT 11NEW WORDSI.New words:- have a bad cold- have a headache- have a virus- sick note''- be sickVerbsNounNEW WORDSVerbs:have a headache have a bad cold be sick have a virus Noun:sick note ''READING THE DIALOGUE SILENTLY. PRACTICING THE DIALOGUE  True or False ?StatementsTrueFalse123 4didn’t comeLan came to school yesterday.Lan should be in her class at recess.Lan had a virus.Lan’s mother wrote a sick note .Lan to school yesterday. wrote a sick note .The doctorSINGING A SONG:" What's the matter? "What’s the matter?What’s the matter?What’s the matter? I am sick.What’s the matter? Are you OK?I am sick today. Oh, no!What’s the matter?I am very, very sick today. Oh, no! I am very, very, very, very sick today.That’s too bad! LISTENINGB1/ P.110UNIT 11What was wrong with you?Mr.Tan: Where were you yesterday, Lan? You didn’t come to school.Lan: I had a bad cold. I had a headache, too.Mr.Tan: Oh dear! You were sick. How do you feel now?Lan: I feel OK, but I’m a little tired.Mr.Tan: Oh, you should stay inside at recess. The weather’s awful today. Did your Mom write a sick note for you?Lan: No, she didn’t. But I have this note from the doctor.Mr.Tan: That’ll be fine. Oh, I see. You had a virus. I hope you will be OK.Lan: Thank you.Lucky Numbers1Unit 12 : LET’S EAT ! * Lesson 1(A1) * Period 72Unit 12 : LET’S EAT ! * Lesson 1(A1) * Period 72Unit 12 : LET’S EAT ! * Lesson 1(A1) * Period 7223457NEXTQUESTIONS & ANSWERS68TRỞ VỀLucky NumberAa. Why didn’t Lan go to school yesterday ?->Because she had a bad cold.TRỞ VỀAb. What was wrong with her?->She had a headache.TRỞ VỀC .What does Mr. Tan tell Lan to do? -He tells Lan to stay inside at recess.TRỞ VỀd. What did the doctor say about Lan’s problems? -The doctor said that Lan had a virus.TRỞ VỀe. Who wrote Lan’s sick note? -The doctor wrote Lan’s sick note.TRỞ VỀLucky NumberLucky NumberTRỞ VỀAnswers Because she had a bad cold. She had a headache. He tells Lan to stay inside at recess. The doctor said that Lan had a virus. The doctor wrote Lan’s sick note.Remember“What was wrong with you?”“I had a headache”Mr.TomMr.NamEx:What was wrong with you ?	 	 What+ +wrong+with+ ? + +diseasesI had a headache.Structure:To ask and answer about somebody’s health. is/washave /has/hadyou/him/herI/He/SheABCACBPERFORMING THE ACTIONSMAKING THE SIMILAR DIALOGUE SINGING A SONG“I’m So Happy”Homework -Learn the new words by heart.-Review the past simple tense.-Prepare the next lesson ( B2+B3).B2-P.111Draw this table in your exercise book.NameColdFluHeadacheStomachacheToothacheThen ask three friends these questions and check the table.a). Were you ever absent from school last semester?b). Were you sick?c). Did you have	● a cold?	 ● a stomachache?	 ● a headache?	● the flu?	 ● a toothache?Now combine the results for the whole class.Answer this question:What was the most common illness?B3-P.111	Days lost through sickness in class 7A last semesterColdFluStomachacheHeadacheToothacheTotal days lost:________Presents for you ! SINGING A SONG“GOODBYE TO YOU” Goodbye to you Goodbye to you Goodbye everybody Goodbye to youTHANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!GOODBYE

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