Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 11: Keep fit, stay healthy

Our normal temperature

is 370c.

What do

you say



Vietnamese ?


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Monday, February 25th,08UNIT 11Period 66 Lesson 1A1KEEP FIT, STAY HEALTHYI/ WARM UP PELMANISMYOU ARE THE WINNER !II/ NEW LESSONPERIOD 66 : UNIT ELEVEN - LESON 1 (A1)2/ NEW WORDSWhat are the students doing ? (to) have a medical check up Kiểm tra sức khỏeWhat is the nurse writing on? a medical record Phiếu khám sức khỏeOur normal temperature is 370c. What do you say“temperature” in Vietnamese ?Nhiệt độ, thân nhiệtWhat do you do to know your temperature ?(to) take one’s temperatureĐo, kẹp nhiệt WHAT IS THE NOUN OF “high or tall” ?độ cao, chiều caoheight (n)What do you do to know your height ?(to) measuređo What is the noun of “HEAVY” ?Trọng lượngweight (n)What do you do to know your weight ?(to) weighCÂN1/ NEW WORDS :(to) have a medical check up :Kiểm tra sức khỏe a medical record : Phiếu khám sức khỏetemperature :Nhiệt độ, thân nhiệt(to) take one’s temperature : kẹp nhiệtđộ cao, chiều caoheight (n) :(to) measure :đo(to) weigh :CÂNtrọng lượngweight (n) :WHAT & WHERE The nurse weighed Hoa. Hoa returned to the waiting room. Hoa left the waiting room. The nurse called Hoa’s name. The nurse measured Hoa. Hoa filled in her medical record. The nurse took Hoa’s temperature. The nurse told Hoa to go to back to the waiting room.2/ ORDERING:Hoa had a medical check up. These are the statements. Number them68325147YOU ARE THE WINNER !3 / QUESTIONS :A2468101214B2468101214964183725 Noughts and crosses :BAĐo chiều caoĐợi trong phòng đợiNói AhĐiền vào phiếu SKKiểm tra cân nặngNgồi xuốngCho biết têntrở lại vào tuần đếnĐo thânnhiệtxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxWOULD YOU + VERB, PLEASE ?4/ A POLITE REQUEST :YOU ARE THE WINNER !III/ HOMEWORK :- Learn A1 by heart- Practice a polite request at home. Prepare lesson 2 (A2, 3).QUESTION 1) :What were the students of quang trungschool doing ? They are having a medical check up QUESTION 2) :Who was doing the medical check up ?HOA WAS.QUESTION 3) :What did the nurse do ?SHE TOOK HOA’S TEMPERATURE, MEASURED HOA AND WEIGHED HOA.QUESTION 4) :What was Hoa’s temperature? Was it normal ?370C.YES, IT WAS.QUESTION 5) :WHAT WASHERHEIGHT?1m45.QUESTION 5) :WHAT WASHERWEIGHT?40 kilos.YOU ARE THE WINNER !LUCKY NUMBER !

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