Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 11: Keep fit, stay healthy

Write the same question :

1. How tall are you? =

 What ?

2. What was Hoa’s weight? =

 How ?

3. How old is your Father? =

 What ?






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UNIT 11 KEEP FIT, STAY HEALTHYPeriod: 68Lesson 3: B1OLD LESSONWrite the same question :1. How tall are you? = What  ?2. What was Hoa’s weight? = How  ?3. How old is your Father? = What  ?NEW WORDSa bad coldBệnh cảm nặng a headacheBệnh đau đầuBệnh đau đầua stomachacheBệnh đau bụngfluBệnh cúm a virusBệnh nhiễm vi rút1. (To) have a bad cold Bị cảm nặng2. (To) have a headacheBị đau đầu3. (To) have a stomachacheBị đau bụng4. (To) have fluBị cảm cúm5. (To) have a virusBị nhiễm vi rútNew wordsPractice the dialogue with your partnerMr Tan : Where were you yesterday, Lan? You didn’t come to school.Lan : I had a bad cold. I had a headache, too.Mr Tan : Oh dear! You were sick. How do you feel now ?Lan : I feel OK, but I’m a little tired.Mr Tan : Oh, you should stay inside at recess. The weather’s awful today. Did you Mom write a sick note for you ?Lan : No, she didn’t. Bit I have this note from the doctor.Mr Tan : That’ll be fine. Oh, I see. You had a virus. I hope you will be OK.Lan : Thank you.Model sentences: What was wrong with you? I had a headache. What was wrong with her ? She had a headache.Form: What was wrong with + (you/ her...)? S + had + name of illnessWord cue drillYou/ a cold. Ba/ stomachache. She/ toothache. Lan/ a headache. He/ flu.PRACTICE987654321xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoNoughts and crossesBAxFURTHERPRACT ICE1. The weather (be). awful today.2. Lan (be)sick yesterday3. She (not come).. to school yesterday4. How (you feel).. now ?5. She (walk)to school everyday.6. I (send)a letter to my penpal last month7. He (work)in Hue a few years ago.8. Why Lan (not go).to the library yesterday?9. Hoa (go)..to the dentist last week.Homework :* Use the correct tense:The weather (be). awful today.Lan (be)sick yesterdayShe (not come).. to school yesterdayHow (you feel).. now ?She (walk)to school everyday.I (send)a letter to my penpal last month.He (work)in Hue a few years ago.Why Lan (not go).to the library yesterday?Hoa (go)..to the dentist last week.

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