Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 11: Keep fit, stay healthy

Cold :(n):

sự cảm lạnh

bad cold: cảm nặng

Ex: I have a bad cold.

Tôi bị cảm nặng.


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anh son lower secondary schoolelectron Lesson PlanPerformed by Phan Trong phucfrom Cam son lower secodary schoolPeriod 68UNIT 11: KEEP FIT, STAY HEALTHYB. WHAT WAS WRONG WIH YOU?Lesson3.B1. Page110I.VOCABULARY:1. Sick: (adj): A sick note: giấy xin phép nghỉ ốm.ốm, không khoẻ2. Cold :(n):sự cảm lạnhA bad cold: cảm nặngEx: I have a bad cold.Tôi bị cảm nặng. 3. Headache: (n):đau đầu4. Stomachache /’stΛmәkeik /(n)đau dạ dày5.Flu:(n):Bệnh cúm6.Virus : /’vaiәrәs(n)/:vi rútSick: (adj): ốm, không khoẻ-A sick note: giấy xin phép nghỉ ốm2. Cold :(n): sự cảm lạnh-A bad cold: cảm nặng3. Headache: (n):đau đầu4. Stomachache:/’stΛmәkeik /(n):đau dạ dày5.Flu:(n): bệnh cúm6.Virus : /’vaiәrәs(n): vi rútChecking vocabularyMatching A B 1.Sick a. Đau đầu 2.Cold b.Bệnh cúm 3.Headache c. Cảm lạnh 4.Stomachache d. Virút 5.Flu e. Ốm,không khoẻ 6.Virus f. Đau dạ dày II.T/F statements1.Lan did not go to school yesterday.2.She had a stomachache.3.Now she feels very well.4.Her mother wrote sick note for her.5.The doctor said that Lan had a virus.TFFFTguessT/FTTTTTFFFFFcheck1 Listen. Then practice with a partner Work in pairsNow you play the role of Mr. Tan and Lan to practice the dialogueIII.Lucky numbers1Lucky numbers4Lucky numbers7Lucky numbers2Why didn’t Lan go to school yesterday?2Who wrote Lan’s sick note?3355What does Mr. Tan tell Lan to do?What was wrong with her?6688What did the doctor say about Lan’s problem?The answers a, Lan didn’t go to school yesterday because she had a bad cold. b, She had a headache. c, Mr Tan told Lan to stay inside at recess. d, The doctor said that Lan had a virus. e, The doctor wrote Lan’s sick note.Look at the picture and the passage below, then retell the dialogue.Yesterday, Lan ___ absent from school. She had a __ __ and a ___ , too. Her ___ said that she had ___virus and he wrote a ___ ___ for her . Today, Lan ___ better. The teacher advices Lan to stay inside at recess. He hopes Lan will ...... ok.was bad cold headachedoctoraSick notefeels/isbeNote: S + have + name of illnessEX: The weather is awful today. I have a very bad cold.Last night, Hoa had a stomachache. *Homework.-Learning vocabulary by heart.-Practice the dialogue at home.-Answering the questions again.-Doing exercise B1 in workbook.Thanks for your 

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