Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 11: Looking good!

1. Form:

 + Positive:

 Ex: - They are playing football.

 - He is painting.

 + Negative:

 Ex: - He isn’t reading.

 + Questions:

 Ex: - Are they playing?

 - What are they doing?


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UNIT 11: LOOKING GOOD!GRAMMAR The Present Continuous TenseUnit 11: Looking Good!GRAMMAR: The Present Continuous Tense(Thì Hiện Tại Tiếp Diễn)teach (v) I am teaching now. paint (v)He is painting.run (v) He is running. read (v) He is reading.write (v) She is writing.- Are they playing? No. They are not playing.- What are they doing?They are fighting.- fight (v)THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE1. Form: + Positive: 	Ex: 	- They are playing football.	 	- He is painting. + Negative:	Ex: 	- He isn’t reading. + Questions:	Ex: 	- Are they playing?	- What are they doing?S + (be) + VingS + (be)+ not + Ving (Be)+S+ Ving?(WH)+THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE2. Use:	We use The Present Continuous Tense to describe the actions happening at the moment.3. Signals:	The Present Continuous Tense usually goes with “ now, at the moment, Look!, listen!, Be quiet !, ”4. Attentions:Verbs ending in ‘e’, drop ‘e’.	Ex: writVerbs ending in a vowel and a consonant, double the consonant. 	Ex: runVerbs ending in ‘ie’, drop ‘e’ and change ‘i’ to ‘y’.	Ex: leingningeyiingPracticeTask 1: Complete the letter. Put the verbs in brackets into Present Continuous.	Dear Jim,	We (1) (have) _____________ a terrible holiday. It (2) (rain)___ ______. I (3) (sit)_________in the hotel. I (4) (watch) ____________ television. Tom and Peter (5) (play) __________computer games. Alice (6) (read) _________a book. Susan (7) (make) ____________a cup of coffee. The baby (8) (cry) ____________. I want to go home.	All the best,	Georgeare havingis rainingam sittingam watching are playing is reading is making is cryingPracticeTask 2:Change the statements into negative sentences.1. You’re listening to me. ..2. Tim is studying. 	  ..3. We’re talking. 	  ..4. You’re writing. 	  ..You are not listening to me.Tim is not studying.We aren’t talking.You aren’t writing.5. Katherine is lying. 	  ..6. They are waiting for us.  ..7. Anna’s having a good time ..8. I’m reading at the moment. .. Katherine isn’t lying.They aren’t waiting for us.Anna isn’t having a good time.I’m not reading at the moment.PracticeTask 3: Change the statements into questions.1. I’m making a lot of noise. 2. Clare is reading.  3. You are watching the news. 4. It’s snowing.	 Am I making a lot of noise?Is Clare reading?Are you watching the news?Is it snowing?5. We are waiting in a right place.  6. You are sitting here.  7. David is enjoying the film. 8. The bus is stopping.  Are we waiting at the right place?Are you sitting here?Is David enjoying the film?Is the bus stopping?Task 3: Describe the picture.JohnLisa and PeterMary and TomSusanRose and ScottMarkStevenJaneDavid and VictoriaThank you for your attention!

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