Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 12: Let's eat

Aunt: What meat would you like for dinner, Hoa?

 There is chicken, beef and pork.

Hoa: I don’t like pork.

Aunt: Neither do I. So you can have beef or chicken.

Hoa: Let’s have some beef.

Aunt: OK.


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WELCOME TO OUR CLASS 7 ! Unit 12 LET'S EAT ! WHAT SHALL WE EAT ?A1-2SOME KINDS OF FOODchicken eggsfishbeefporkSOME KINDS OF VEGETABLEScarrotspotatoestomatoesbeanspeas lettucecabbagesonionsSPINACH : caûi maâm xoâi, rau dieáp CUCUMBER : döa leo Some kinds of fruitsan orangeapplesa mangoa papayaa pineapplea durianGrapesbananasmeat stall: quaày baùn thòt.Yesterday, Hoa and her aunt went to the market. First, they went to the meat stall. There was a good selection of meat on the stall: chicken, pork and beef.Aunt:	 What meat would you 	 	 like for dinner, Hoa?	 There is chicken, beef 	 and 	pork.Hoa:	 I don’t like pork.Aunt: Neither do I. So you can 	 have beef or chicken.Hoa:	 Let’s have some beef.Aunt: OK.vegetable stall: quaày baùn rauNext, they went to a vegetable stall. There was a wide selection of vegetables on display.Hoa:	We need some 	vegetables for dinner 	too, aunt.Aunt:	What would you like?Hoa:	I’d like some peas and 	I’d 	like some carrots, too.Aunt:	But Hoa, I hate carrots. 	And I don’t like peas, 	either.Hoa:	What about spinach and 	cucumbers? I like them.Aunt: 	So do I. They’re my 	favorite vegetables.	OK. Let’s get some of 	those.	 Fruit stall: quaày baùn traùi caâyFinally, Hoa and her aunt stopped at a fruit stall.Hoa: 	We need some fruits, aunt.Aunt:	What shall we buy?Hoa: Let’s buy a papaya and a 	pineapple.Aunt: They aren’t ripe. Neither are 	the bananas.Hoa: Let’s buy some oranges then. Aunt: OK. Can you smell the 	durians? I don’t like them.Hoa:	Neither do I. I hate durians.New words and phrasesspinach (n)	: caûi maâm xoâi cucumber (n)	: döa leo mango (n)	: xoaøipapaya (n)	: ñu ñuûpineapple (n)	: traùi thômdurian (n)	: saàu rieângmeat stall (n)	: quaày baùn thòtfruit stall (n)	: quaày baùn traùi caâyvegetable stall (n)	: quaày baùn rauhate (v) 	: ≠ like smell (v)	: ngöûiripe (adj)	: chína selection of	: söï söu taäp, söï taäp hôïpon display	: tröng baøy, baùnListen to the dialogueNow answer. What did Hoa and her aunt buy at the market?Write a list in your exercise book.List Of Things Hoa And Her Aunt Bought:beefspinachcucumbersorangesMAKE SUGGESTIONS: (REVIEW) Let’s .. What about ..? How about ..?	Why don’t we..?	Why don’t you ? Grammar2. SO, TOO, NEITHER, EITHER	- Affirmative agreement : So, Too (review)	 	So + am/is/are/was/were + S 	 	So + do/does/did + S 	So + can/must/will +S 	 S + am/is/are/was/were , too. S + do/does/did, too. 	 S + can/must/will, too. 	 - Negative agreement : neither, either Neither + am/is/are/was/were + S 	 	 Neither + do/does/did + S 	 Neither + can/must/will +S	S + am/is/are/was/were +not either. S + do/does/did+ not either. 	 S + can/must/will+ not either.2. Ask and answer questions with a partner. Talk about the food you like.- I like pineapples. Do you like them?	* Yes. I like pineapples, too. / Yes, so do I.	* No, I don’t like pineapples. / No, I don’t.I don’t like beef. Do you like it?	* No, I don’t like beef either. / 	 No, neither do I.	* Yes. I like beef. Yes, I doYou like and you don't like. Goodbye. See you again!

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