Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 12: Sports and pastimes

What is she doing?
She is skipping rope.

What are they doing?
They are playing tennis.

What is she doing?
She is doing aerobics.


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KNOWLEDGE REVIEWLanWhat is Lan doing?She is drinking.What is Nam doing?He is eating.NamPresent Progressive TenseFormation:S + am/ is/ are + V_ing.S + am/ is/ are + not + V_ing.Is/ are + S + V_ing?Key words:now, at the moment, at this time UNIT 12SPORTS AND PASTIMES A - WHAT ARE THEY DOING?1. Listen and read.He is swimming.They are playing badminton.They are playing soccerThey are skipping.They are playing volleyball. She is doing aerobics. She is playing tennis. She is jogging. He is playing table tennis.THEY ARE PLAYING SPORTS.SPORTS ARE THEIR FAVORITE PASTIMES. I. New words and expressions:(to) swim (v)( to) play badminton(to) play (v) soccer (n)(to) skip (v) rope bơi chơi cầu lôngchơi bóng đánhảy (dây)(to) do aerobics tập thể dục nhịp điệu(to) play tennischơi quần vợt(to) jog (v)đi bộ thể dục(to) play table tennischơi bóng bànpastimes (n) /’pæstaim/ trò giải trí2. Ask and answer:What is she doing?She is jogging.What are they doing?They are playing table tennis.What is she doing?She is swimming.What are they doing?They are playing soccer.What is she doing?She is skipping rope.What are they doing?They are playing tennis.What is she doing?She is doing aerobics.What are they doing?They are playing volleyball.I play soccer.MinhMinh,which sports do you play?3. Listen and repeat: Which sports do you play?I play soccerTuấnI swim.MaryI skip. LanI do aerobicsI jog.Mr Hung I play table tennis.John4. Read. Then answer the questionsLan likes sports. She swims, she does aerobics and she plays badminton.1. Which sports does Lan play?2. Does Lan play tennis?- She swims, she does aerobics and she plays badminton- No, she doesn’t.Nam likes sports, too. He plays soccer, he jogs and he plays table tennis.3. Which sports does Nam play?4. Does Nam play table tennis?- He plays soccer, he jogs and he plays table tennis.- Yes, he does.Examples: II. Grammar and structures:Does Nam play table tennis?Yes, Nam plays table tennis.Which sports does Nam play?Nam plays table tennis.Asking and answering about sports(Hỏi và đáp về các hoạt động thể thao)Formation:Which sports+ do/ does+ S+ play ?S + play(s) + môn thể thaoS + do(es) aerobicsHomework:Write remember onto your notebookDo exercise 1/page 103Do exercise 2/ pages 103 - 104Do exercise 4/ page 104Prepare for section B unit 12Exercise 1: Write sentences with the present progressive tenseExamples:Minh and Nhi/ play/ badminton=>Minh and Nhi are playing badmintona/ Mr. Quang/ jogb/ The children/ skipc/ They/ play/ soccerd/ Hoa and Mai/ play/ table tennise/ Thuy/ do/ aerobicsf/ They/ swimExercise 2: Look at the pictures and write what they are doinga/ My friends like soccer. They 	 (play) it every Thursday afternoon. They 	 (play) soccer in the school yard now.Exercise 4: Complete the passage with the correct form of the verbs in bracketsb/ You 	 (skip) every day? Hoa and Mai 	 (skip) in the garden. Come with me to join them.c/ Where is Huong? She 	 (do) aerobics in the gym. She always 	 (do) aerobics in the morning.d/ What 	 Jim 	 (do)?He 	 (play) chess with his friend in his room.e/ Which sports 	 Mai 	(play) ?She 	 (play) tennis.

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