Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 13: Hobbies

Guitarist /gi’ta:rist/ (n):

a person who plays the guitar.

. Successful / sək’sesfl/ (adj):

thành công

. Admire / əd’maiə(r)/ (v):

khâm phục


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Period : 104 Reading	 Time allotted: 45 minutesUNIT 13 :HOBBIESSỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO NGHỆ AN Người thực hiện: Đậu Xuân Huy 1WARM-UP2243Period : 104 Reading	 Time allotted: 45 minutesUNIT 13 :HOBBIES 4STAGE ONE:BEFORE YOU READ5BEFORE YOU READWhich of the hobbies would you like to do?I like.61. Guitarist /gi’ta:rist/ (n): a person who plays the guitar. 2. Successful / sək’sesfl/ (adj): thành công 3. Admire / əd’maiə(r)/ (v): khâm phục 4. Variety / və’raiəti/ (n): nhiều loại khác nhau 5. Fish tank: / fi∫ tæηk/bÓ c¸Vocabulary7STAGE TWO:WHILE YOU READ8WHILE YOU READWHILE YOU READTask 1:Match the words in A with the words or phrases in B 1.Accomplished2.Accompanying3.Modest4.Avid5.Discarded6.Indulge in7.Keep me occupieda.Keep me busy b. well- trainedc.allow oneself the pleasure of away.d.thrown awaye.going with singer, using a musical instrumentf. Eagerg.humble.AB1.Tµi ba,tµi hoa 2.§Öm (§µn )3.Nhá ,khiªm tèn 4.Say mª5.§· bÞ bá ®i6.§am mª vµo (mét viÖc g× ®ã)7. Lµm cho t«i bËn rén 9Task 2:Answer the questions 1. What is the writer’s first hobby?2. Is the writer an accomplished guitarist?3.Why does the writer admire his uncle?4.What is the writer’s second hobby?A.playing guitar.A.Yes,he isn’t.A. Because he’s an accomplished guitaristB.His second hobby is keeping fish. B. Playing footballC.Playing pianoAB. No, He is C. No, he isn’t.CB.Because he’s an accomplished Piano C.Because he’s an accomplished BasketballAA.His second hobby is collecting stampC.His second hobby is collecting second hand book.B106.What kind of stamp collector is the writer? He is an avid stamp collector.7.Where does he collect the stamps? He collects them from discarded envelopes his relatives and friends give him. He bought some from the shop and collected some from the rice field near his house 5.How did he collect his fish?118.Which does the writer get more of, local stamps or foreign stamps?Local stamps9. What does the writer do with the less common stamps and with common onesHe keeps the less common ones inside a small album. The common ones he usually gives away to others or if no one wants them, he simply throws them away. 12STAGE THREEAFTER YOU READTALK ABOUT YOUR HOBBIES13TALK ABOUT YOUR HOBBY1. Put the words in brackets in the correct.I keep stamps , However, I would not call myself an avid stamp1..Actually , I just collect the stamps from discarded 2.that my relatives and friends give me . Mostly I get 3.stamps once Australia, China and others. I keep the less common ones in side a small4.The common ones usually give away to others or if no one wants them I simply throw them away 1.Collector2.envelopes3.local4.albumKeys14HOMEWORK* Learn vocabulary by heart* Read the text and do the tasks again * Prepare for the next lesson 15Thank you for your attentoin16

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