Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 16: The wonders of the world

 - burial /’beriәl/ (n)

 sự mai táng, chôn cất

 - belongings /bi’loηiηz/ (n)

 đồ dùng, đồ đạc

 - surpass /sә’pa:s/ (v)

 vượt, trội hơn




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 LUCKY BOXWarm - up- Working in 4 teams- Guessing the name of the object in the box- Which team has right answer first will be lucky to receive a presentRULEThere is a special thing in the lucky box. What is it?3 clues for you to guess1. It is very very beautiful2. It is made of paper3. You can see a famous place or scene on itKEYA PICTURE Unit 16: The wonders of  the worldPeriod 1: ReadingBEFORE YOU READQuestionsName these two wonders and tell what youknow about them.The lighthouse of AlexandriaThe Statue of Zeus at OlympiaVocabulary pyramid /’pirәmid/ (n)treasure /’trejә(r)/ - burial /’beriәl/ (n) sự mai táng, chôn cất - belongings /bi’loηiηz/ (n) đồ dùng, đồ đạc - surpass /sә’pa:s/ (v) vượt, trội hơn Read the passage and answer the questionWhat is the passage about?WHILE YOU READTask 1Use the words in the box and fill each blank with a suitable word1. Last week we paid a visit to the . of unknown mandarin.2. The movie was about a . of the world.3. A .. is needed at the exit and the entrance for wheelchairs users.4. The Queen’s private .. is not opened to public.5. It’s not known why Beson disappeared in .. circumstances.6. A snail’s shell is .... in form. mysterious ramp tomb chamber spiral wondertombwonderrampchambermysteriousspiralTask 2: Answer the following questions1.Where is the Great Pyramid of Giza situated and when was it built? 2.How high and large was the Great Pyramid of Giza?3.What was the purpose of this huge stone pyramid?In Egypt and around the year 2560 BC147 metres high on a base of 230 metres squareTo serve as a stomb when the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu died and to protect the burial chamber from the weather and from thieves 4. How did the people of ancient Egypt build the Great Pyramid? 5. According to the passage, what is the boat believed to have been used for?They used straight or spiral ramps or huge weight armsto lift and place the blocks of stoneTo carry the body of Khufu in his last journey on earthbefore being buried inside the pyramidTask 3: Scan the text and say what the following words refer to - who (line 4) - it (line 8) - It (line 9) - each (line 12)thievesthe Great Pyramida block of stonethe Great PyramidRole-playAFTER YOU READAct as a visitor anda guider. Talk about wonders of the worldHOMEWORK - Making 5 sentences with 5 new words in the lesson - Finding information about the modern wonders of the worldTHANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION

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