Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 2: Clothing

*Practice the dialogue:

Nga: Come and see my photo album.

Nam: Lovely! Who’s this girl?

Nga: Ah! It’s Lan, my old friend.

Nam: How long have you made friend with her?

Nga: I’ve made friend with her for six years.

Nam: Have you seen her recently?

Nga: No, I haven’t seen her since 2003.



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UNIT 2 :CLOTHINGPERIOD 6LANGUAGE FOCUSREVISION* THE PRESENT PERFECT * Wednesday, September 29th 2010Adverbs used with the present perfectsinceforrecentlyeveralreadyyetHAVE / HAS + PPUNIT 2 :CLOTHING Wednesday, september 29th 2010 PERIOD 6 LANGUAGE FOCUS* GRAMMAR: The present perfect tense* FORM: =>*Practice the dialogue:Nga: Come and see my photo album.Nam: Lovely! Who’s this girl?Nga: Ah! It’s Lan, my old friend.Nam: How long have you made friend with her?Nga: I’ve made friend with her for six years.Nam: Have you seen her recently?Nga: No, I haven’t seen her since 2003. Quang – brother’s friend / seven months /JanuaryHoa – new friend / three weeks / MondayNamNgaHave you visited Ben Thanh Market yet?* Yes, I have already visited it.* No, I haven’t.Nha Rong Harbor- Have you ever visited Nha Rong Harbor?=> Yes, I have OR No, I haven’tIndependence palace- I have already visted Independence Palace- He has not visted Independence Palace yetDam Sen Park- Have you ever visited Dam Sen Park?-Yes, I have OR No, I haven’t--* Mapped dialogue : Have / ever / gone / Hue? - Yes / have. When / did / last / Hue? - Last year.NamNgaNam: Have you ever gone to Hue? Nga: Yes, I haveNam: When did you last go ? Nga: Last year Durians- Have you ever eaten Durian?- Yes, I have OR No, I haven’t Computer- Have you ever..?- Have you ever ?Elephant- Have you ever?2.The passive voice in present: 3. The passive form of modal Verbs, Have to, Be going to:Ex: This exercise must be done carefully. Am / is / are + PPMust/ can /have to / be going to + Be + PPEx: Jeans are sold all over the world.Form:Form111312610789245producedmademakeproducesolvesolvedbuildbuiltgrowgrownimproveimproved* Change these sentences into the passive voice, as directed:a. They made jean cloth completely from cotton in the 18th century. 	- Jean clothb. They grow rice in tropical countries.	- Ricec. They will produce a lot of rice in Vietnam next year.	- A lot of riced. They have just introduced a new style of jeans in the USA	- A new style of jeanse. We can solve the problem.	- The problem f. We have to improve all the schools in the city.	- All the schools in the city g. They are going to build a new bridge.	- A new bridge 	 was made from cotton in the 18th centuryis grown in tropical countrywill be produced in Viet Nam next year.has just been introduced in the USAcan be solved by us.have to be improved in the cityis going to be builtII. Homework: Use the correct form of the verbs:I (learn) English for 4 years.b. They (live) in Danang since 2001c. You (eat) Chinese food yet?d.Two department stores (build) next year. 2. Prepare unit 3 – Getting started – Listen & readThe lesson is overThank you verry much Goodbye and See you again

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