Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 2: Making arrangements

Pre- questions:

When was the telephone invented?

It was invented in 1876?

Who did Bell work with?


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Teacher: Nguyen Kim Thư- Dong Da secondary school1. It’s a piece of electronic equipment2. It’s used for speaking to someone in a different placesAlexander Graham BellUnit 2- Making arrangementsLesson 4 Read- P 21-22What is theTelephone used for?To have a messageTo call someoneTo get information quicklyTo save timeTo make an arrangementBrainstormingII. New vocabulary1. To emigrate2. To transmit3. To conduct4. To demonstrate5. A device6. A deaf- mute XuÊt c¶nh, di c­TruyÒn, ph¸t tÝn hiÖuThùc hiÖn, chØ ®¹oBiÓu diÔn ThiÕt bÞNg­êi c©m ®iÕcTo transmitAn early telephone was used to transmit speech over a long distance. => TruyÒn tÝn hiÖu To demonstrate (To show or to exhibition)=>BiÓu diÔn, triÓn l·mAlexander Graham Bell with his assistant,	ThomasWatsonA device=> ThiÕt bÞ Bell conducted many experiments* Let’s check To emigrate To conductA device A deaf- muteTo demonstrate To transmit 145632 III. Read: (P 21)Pre- questions: 1. When was the telephone invented? 2. Who did Bell work with? It was invented in 1876? He worked with Thomas Walson III. While - reading:Read statements on Page 22 And do true or false exercise GuessAnswerCorrectionabcde fHe was born in Edinburgh in ScotlandHe worked with deaf-mute patients at Boston universityHe introduced telephone in 1876He experimented with ways of transmitting speech over a long distanceFFFFTT* Guess the meaning:In commercial use (to) come up withCountless (adj)Exhibition (n)V« sè, v« kÓTriÓn l·m, tr­ng bµySö dông trong th­¬ng m¹iN¶y ra ý=> Chain game*Chain gameAlexander Graham Bell ( d e a g c f b)1. was born in Scotland2. went to live in Canada3. went to live in the USA.4. worked with people who could neither  speak nor hear. 5. worked with Thomas Watson6. invented the telephone7. successfully demonstrated his invention. III. Post - reading:* Write- it - upWrite a paragraph about Alexander Graham BellIV. HomeworkLearn by heart and copy all new wordsWrite a paragraph about Alexander Graham Bell

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