Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 3: A party

They are members in a family

They are celebrating a birthday party/ a golden wedding.

•What is the relationship between the people in the pictures?



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Welcome to Unit 3: Period: 13Lesson 1: ReadingClass: 11Designer: BUI THI NGOC THUYWarm up:What is the video about?It is about a birthday party.Before you read:Pair work: Look at the pictures in your textbooks and answer the questions below: What is the relationship between the people in the pictures?2. What are they celebrating?They are members in a familyThey are celebrating a birthday party/ a golden wedding. Classify things that you often see in a birthday party and those in an anniversary: you read: Silver AnniversaryGIFTS???????? CAKEBIRTHDAY CARDSFRUITSCANDLESSAVORIESFLOWERSBefore you read:3.BIRTHDAY PARTY10.6:00Happy Silver Anniversary4. ANNIVERSARY SOUVERNIRFRUITS ICING CAKEFOODSCARDSPRESENTSFLOWERSCHAMPA-GNEBefore you read:Before you read: Vocabulary:Mark (v):Milestone (n):Lasting (a):Golden (a):Golden anniversary/ jubilee: Silver anniversary/ jubilee: Diamond anniversary/ jubilee:Ruby anniversary/ jubilee:đánh dấuan important event or stage in one’s lifecontinuing a long timemade of gold celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary celebration of the 60th wedding anniversary celebration of the 40th wedding anniversaryWhile you read:Task 1: Work with a partner. Decide which of the activities below takes place at a birthday party or at a wedding anniversary party or at both. Put a tick () in the right box:BIRTHDAY PARTYWEDDING ANNIVERSARY PARTY1. People sing a song.2. People eat cake.3.People receive cards and gifts from friends and relatives.4. People joke about their age.5. People remember their wedding day.6. People go out to dinner. 7. People blow out candles, one for each year.While you read:Lisa’s family and friends are at her birthday party.Everyone cake and ice cream at the birthday party.Lisa opens birthday cards and from her family and friends.Many Americans over the age of 30 don’t like to talk about their .Fifty ago, Rosa and Luis got married.People call the wedding anniversary the “golden anniversary.”Rosa and Luis are happy to be together for their anniversary. Task 2: Work with a partner. In each of the following sentences, there is ONE word which is not true according to the reading passage. Underline the wrong word and provide the correct one:seventhseatspresentsagesyears50th goldeneighthmakesfoodsanniversariesmonths5thsilverPair work: Answer the following questions:Where do you prefer to celebrate your birthday, at home or in the restaurant? Why?Do your parents celebrate their wedding anniversaries?Are you going to celebrate your wedding anniversaries in the future? Why (not)?After you read:Thank you 

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