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E.g.: She always harbours the dream of a teacher

abroad (adv):



 with flying colours:

E.g.: Peter passed the English test with flying colours




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SingerFootball playerscientistMusic composer1234UNIT 3: PEOPLE’S BACKGROUND VOCABULARYmature(a):harbour(v):E.g.: She always harbours the dream of a teacherabroad (adv):tutor(n):degree(n): with flying colours:E.g.: Peter passed the English test with flying coloursnuôi dưỡngatom(n):  atomic(a):radium(n):ease(v):humanitarian(a): 	  humane(a):nguyên tố kim loại phóng xạxoa dịunhân đạoWarsawSorbonnePhD = Doctor of PhilosophyNobel PrizeTASK 1MATCH THE WORDS OR PHRASES IN A WITH THEIR MEANINGS IN BAB1. with flying colours2. determine3. mature4. ease5. harbourhaving a fully developed mindb. keep in the mindc. very well, with a very high mark/graded. make less severee. find out exactly by making calculations1.C2.E3.A4.D5.Bnghiêm trọngtính toán 	 T F Marie went to school in WarsawHer dream was to become a private tutor At the Sorbonne, she studied very well4. She married Pierre Curie in 18945. She was the first woman professor at the SorbonneDECIDE THESE STATEMENTS WHETHER THEY ARE TRUE OR FALSE:Task 21243561. When and where was Marie Curie born?She was born in Warsaw on November 7th, 1867.2. What kind of student was she?She was a brilliant and mature student3. Why did she work as a private tutor ?She worked as a private tutor to save money for a study tour abroad.4. For what service was she awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry?She was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for determining the atomic weight of radium5. Was the prize her real joy? Why/ why not?No, it wasn’t. Her real joy was “easing human suffering”Find out the evidence from the passage to prove each of adjectivesStrong-willedAmbitiousHard-workingIntelligentHumanecó ý chí mạnh mẽtham vọng* Strong-willedIn spite of her difficult living conditions, she worked extremely hardambitiousAs a brilliant and mature student, Marie harboured the dream of a scientific career, which was impossible for a woman at that time.Hard-workingTo save money for a study tour abroad, she had to work as a private tutor.IntelligentShe earned a physics degree with flying colours, and went on to take another degree in mathematicsHumaneHer real joy was "easing human suffering”Thank you for your coming!Group 3 - 25B Teaching21 ENGLISH TEST 10PeterPeter passed the English test with flying coloursLUCKY NUMBER

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