Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 4: Learning a foreign language

What is your name?

Where do you come from?

Where do you live?

Do you live with your parents


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unit 4: learning a foreign language.Lesson 1: getting started + listen and read1. Getting started	How do you learn English? Check (v) things you do from the list. Add more things you do or you want to do.... 1. Do the homework2. Do more grammar exercises in grammar books3. Read short stories or newspapers in English.4. Write English as much as possible.5. Learn by heart all the new words and texts6. Speak English with friends.7. Use a dictionary for reading.8. Practice listening to English tapes or Englishprograms on the radio9. Watch English TV programs.10. Learn to sing English songs.2. Listen and read.	* New words	- College (n) - Examination (n)- Written examination- Oral examination- Examiner (n)- Candidate (n) = Examinee (n) - Stage- Aspect of learning English- Be able toa. Practice the dialogue with a partner.* Notes1. What is your name?She asked me what my name was.Where do you live?She asked me Where I lived?She asked me if I lived in Dong DangDo you live in Dong Dang? Matching1. What are you doing?2. Where do you come from?3. Do you like English?4. How will you use English in the future?5. How do you learn English?She asked me if I liked English.b. She asked me what I was doing.c. She asked me how I learned English..d. She asked me where I came from.e.She asked me how I would use English in the future.Direct speechReported speechb. Answer. What exactly did the examiner ask Lan? look at the list of questions and check (v) the boxes. Royal English college Examination in English as a foreign languageStage One: Oral Examination( This list must not be shown to the candidates)1. What is your name?2. Where do you come from?3. Where do you live?4. Do you live with your parents5. When did you begin studying English?7. Do you speak any other languages6. Why are you learning English?8. How did you learn English in your country?9. How will you use English in the future?10. What aspects of learning English do you find most difficult?11. What are you going to learn?12. What are your hobbies?13. Look at this picture. Describe it.14. Read this passage.vvvvvvvv

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