Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 4: The future

If you ___ our lucky winner, you________ the best night of your life in our exciting capital city.

If you _____ by train or bus, our representative __________ you at the station.

You ________ some time to relax before dinner if you _____ tired after the journey.


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Unit 4 – The futureGrammar: will/ first conditional First conditionalsIf + S + V, S + will + VIf you ___ our lucky winner, you________ the best night of your life in our exciting capital city.If you _____ by train or bus, our representative __________ you at the station.You ________ some time to relax before dinner if you _____ tired after the journey.present simplefuture with will arewill havearrivewill meetarewill havePractice 1: 	WillLook at the speech bubbles. Are the people talking about a real or an imaginary situation?What will/won’t you do if you have some days off?Are the people talking about a real or an imaginary situation? I’ll have a holiday in beach.I will visit my friends.I won’t get up early and hurry all day as usual.Think about your days off. Look at the picture. Will you do these things?get up early watch TV all daystay in bed till middayvisit my friendsspend time with your familyPractice 2: 	Write about John	John plays a lot of games online.Spend more time on studying.Learn better.Get good marks.Fail the examination.	If he gets good marks, he won’t fail the examination.If he learns better, he will get good marks.If he spends more time on studying, he will learn better.If John doesn’t play a lot of games online, he will spend more time on studying.Practice 3: 	(3. page 33)ABarrive by traincollect you from your homehave some time to relaxenjoy the showwant to meet the stars of the showour limousine/ take you for a city tourtake you back to the hotellike dancinghave childrenwant to do some shoppinghave time to go to the shops on Saturdaynot want to go to a nightcubtired after the journeyarrange a nanny to look after themreally enjoy the nightclubtake you backstagelive in Londongive you two free tickets for your friendswant to see London by nightour representative/ meet you at the sationIf you arrive by train, our representative will meet you at the sation.We will collect you from your home If you live in London.You will have some time to relax If you are tired after the journey.If you enjoy the show, I will give you two free tickets for your friends.If you want to meet the stars of the show, I will take you backstage. Our limousine will take you for a city tour If you want to see London by night.I will take you back to the hotel If you don’t want to go to a nightcub. If you like dancing, you will really enjoy the nightclub.If you have children, I will arrange a nanny to look after them.If you want to do some shopping, you will have time to go to the shops on Saturday.Practice 4: 	(4. page 33)What do you want to know about the future?Home work:Work book Ex ______Sunday, December 7th 2008Unit 4 – The futureGrammar: will/ first conditional If + S + V, S + will + Vpresent simplefuture with will Unit 4 – The futureVocabulary: Country adjectives-an-ish-ese-iirregularAmerica – AmericanEngland – EnglishJapan – JapaneseIraq – IraqiFrance - French1. Country adjectivesGermanyGermany-GermaniThe Netherlands- DutchThe NetherlandsItaly-ItalianTurkeyTurkey-TurkishItalyIsraelIsrael-IsraeliArgentinaArgentina-ArgentinianThailandThailand-ThaiScotlandScotland-ScotishIreland-IrishIrelandBelgium-BelgianBelgiumMorocco-MoroccanMoroccoSpain-SpainishSpainPakistan-PakistaniPakistanRussia-RussianRussiaNorway-NorwegianNorwayGreece-GreekGreeceEgypt-EgyptianEgyptPoland-PolishPolandPortugal-PortuguegePortugalAustria-AustrianAustriaDenmark-DenishDenmarkBrazil-BrazilianBrazilChina-ChineseChinaMexico-MexicanMexicoKorea-KoreanKoreaReading: The end of the melting pot?1.	Discuss these questions	1. Why do people go to live in another country?2. What benefits can immigrants bring to a country?3. What problems can large-scale immigraiton cause?4. Should immigrants conform to the local culture?5. What should governments do about immigrants?3. True (T) False (F) or Don’t know (N)	1. America’s population will be You guessYou readKeys2. Hispanics make up 10 per cent of 3. African Americans are currently 4. Today’s immigrants try to integrate5. The number of people who don’t6. Robert Byrd wants stricter 7. Illegal immigrants only compete8. Illegal immigrants can’t find jobs TNTFTNFFGo to 4or to Listening4. Complete these sentencesIf immigration _________ , Hispanics ___________ African Americans.If you _______ into the supermarket in Rockville, you __________ any English.Schools _________ in immigrant languages if parents _____ their demands.If more immigrants ________, there _______ fewer jobs for African Americans.The middle classes _________ their cheap servants if immigration _______.(rise)rises(overtake)will overtake(go)goes(not hear)won’t hear(teach)will teach(get)get(come)come(be)will be(lose)will lose(stop)stopReturn to 3Listening and Speaking: messagesTeresasonPeterwifeDennisShrah Jonesmother1a. Listen and matchgoing to the Statesreturn callno messagelong meetingpartytraffic jam on the M25results of the Dutch projecta. Leaving messages“Hello, Waterman International. Mr Waterman’s office. I’m _________ there’s nobody in the ________ at the moment, but if you ________ your name and _______, Mr Waterman will ________ back to you as soon as possible. Please ________ after the tone. Thank you.”afraidofficeleavenumbercall / getspeakb. Leaving messagesI’ll _______ back to you.I’m __________ about the results.I’ll _______ them in the post.I’ll _______ you a ring. in case you want to _______ me back.I’m just ___________ your call.I’ll _______ a chat with them.I’ll _______ you a line.I’ll _______ in touch.I’m just __________ to sayringputdropreturngivegetcallbephonehaveringingphoningreturningPronunciation: /I/, /i:/; sentence stress1a. Say these wordshilllivewillchipsitfillhe’llleavewe’llcheapseatfeelitsliphisrichhitthiseatsleephe’sreachheatthese1b. Listen and tick () the words you hear2b. Listen and mark 2 stressed syllablesA	 Where are you going?B	I’m going to the shops.A	Can I come with you?B	Yes, if you like.A	Are you taking the car?B	I want to walk.A	But it’s starting to rain.B	That doesn’t matter.A	Oh, I’ll stay at home then.B	Ok. See you later.Extension: Reading and listening South for the WinterVeniceTriesteZagrebBelgradeBela PalankaSofia1a. Read and matchTwo American girls got on the train.Melanie and Carol are going to meet Tom at the weekend.Tom bought a train ticket.The girls got of the train.Tom worked in a hotel for three weeks.Tom whent to the restaurant car with Melanie.5.	Discuss these questionsHow can you explain the girls’ actions in the train now that you know the end of the story?Is there a moral to the story?5.	Describe these things:Why were you on the train?How did you meet the girls?How do you think they tricked you?What did you arrange with them?What happened after the girls got off the train?Where are you now?What will you do?Thank you for your attention!See you again

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