Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 5: The media

1.forum (n):

2.(to) surf the web:

3.benefit = advantage (n)

4.wander (v):

5.spam (n):

6.(to) get access to:

7.limitation =disadvantage

8.alert (adj):



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to our class !What is it?Do you find the internet useful?Can you use computers?What do you use the internet for?Do you often use the internet?Get informationWhat do you use the internet for?The use of the InternetThe use of the InternetEducationEntertainmentCommerceInformationSelf-studyOn-line schoolsmusicgamesmoviesshoppingNewsnewspapersJimhelloSandra MorganHong HoaHuansuiUnit 5: The mediaPeriod 30: Read ( Read the forum on the Internet )spam(Electronic junk mail)Matching:1.forum (n): 2.(to) surf the web:	3.benefit = advantage (n)4.wander (v):	5.spam (n):	6.(to) get access to:	7.limitation =disadvantage8.alert (adj):	a. Ých lîib. diÔn ®µnc. l­ít trang webd. Th­ r¸ce. Truy cËpf. c¶nh gi¸cg. ®i lang thangh. giíi h¹n, h¹n chÕ* Read the following statements, then answer.AgreeDisagree1. Internet is a wonderful invention of modern life2. Chatting has become more and more popular with young Internet users.3. The Internet has rapidly developed and become a part of our daily life4. We cannot see the movies on the Internet.5. Internet is a very fast and convenient way to get informationRead the text, then answer the following questions.What does Sandra use the Internet for? b. Why is it difficult for HongHoa to get access to the Internet? c. According to Huansui, why do people use the Internet? -> She uses the Internet to get information and to communicate with friends and relatives.-> Because she lives in the countryside where the Internet is not available.-> They use the internet for education, communication, entertainment and commerce.* In groups, read the text and make a list of benefits and limitations of the Internet.Benefitslimitations* fast and convenient* time - consumingbenefitslimitations* fast and convenient way to get information* time-consuming* communication* costly* education* bad programs, dangerous viruses* entertainment* spam* commerce* personal information leakingJimhelloSandraHoaHuansuicommunicate with friends by chatting or e-mailget informationexplore and wander the netfor education, entertainment, communicationtime-consumingcostlybad programsspampersonalinformation leaking* Discuss in pairs about the following questionsa. Do you agree or disagree with the responses?b. What is your response to this forum?Homework:- Write your responses to the forum.- Be ready to writea. increaseb. convenientc. explore d. ricke. electronic junk mailf. time - consumingGuessing the meaning of the wordsgia tăngtiện lợikhám phásự rủi ro, mạo hiểmthư rác điện tửmất nhiều thì giờTrue – false statements 1. Internet is wonderful invention of modern life.2. The Internet available not only in cities but also in the countryside.3. People use the Internet for two purposes: education and entertainment.4. Bad program is one of the limitations of the Internet.5. You should be alert when using the Internet.FTTTF2. The Internet is available only in the cities.3. People use the Internet for many purposes: education, information, communication, commerce, entertainment.Choose the best answer1.The Internet is a fast way to get..................... 2. I can ....................... ..with friends by means of e-mail 3.The Internet is ...........................only in cities. 4.The Internet has .............................................. 5.People use the .....................for many purposes: education, communication, commerce, entertainment. b. informationa. communicatea. availableb. limitationa. interneta. informativeb. communicationb. availa. limitb. international

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