Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 5: Work and play

Playing catch

playing marbles

skipping rope

playing blindman’s bluff


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Welcome to Thanh Xuan Nam SchoolPeriod: 29Lesson 4 B1; 2Unit 5 : work and play
Teacher: Vũ Thu HạnhIt’s time for recess.play marblesPlay catchPlay blindman’sbluffindoorsoutdoorsNew words.(to) play marbles(to) play blindman’s bluff.(to) play catchIndoors (adv) >< ở ngoài trờiMaiLanBaKien1432MaiKienLanBaplaying catchplaying marblesskipping ropeplaying blindman’s bluff2. Listen . Match each name to an activityListen and read the text to find out what activity is the most popular.The most popular activity is talkingRead the text and find out what students are doing at recessMany are talking.Some are eating and drinking as well as chatting. Some students are playing games blindman’s bluff or catch.Some boys and girls are playing marbles.Some girls are skipping rope.The present progressive tense (Thêi hiÖn t¹i tiÕp diÔn)Form: 	am + V- ing is areExample exchange:a:-S1: What are doing?	the boys talkingS2: They areThe boys / talkThese students / chatNam / play marblesThe boys and girls / play blindman’s bluffThe boys / play catchHung / read a bookaaefdbcB1.b: Ask and answer questions with a partner.What do you usually do at recess?Do you usually talk with your friends?What do you usually do after school?Write the activities students usually do at the recessTell us what your partner usually does at recess.Homework Learn by heart new words. Do B1: Write your partner’s answers on your notebook.Write about the recess of our school.Thank you for joining us

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