Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 6: Competitions

without problems or difficulties

enthusiasm and energy

altogether or as a total

a person chosen or appointed on behalf of another person or a group.


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Unit 6: CompetitionsLesson 1: Reading.abcdefghijk1BZWINNERSPO2FIGHTCZITHR3RUXGLOBALOT4EQYWBNTFJTI5COMPETITION6OGUSAEQRKUG7NXSYUSONGGA8OTIWTTXULHL9MICSYLOSERSFind the words given in the following box.abcdefghijk1BZWINNERSPO2FIGHTCZITHR3RUXGLOBALOT4EQYWBNTFJTI5COMPETITION6OGUSAEQRKUG7NXSYUSONGGA8OTIWTTXULHL9MICSYLOSERSFind the words given in the following box.Match each picture with the words in the box.Sao mai TV Singging ContestQuiz: “Road to Mount Olympia”Olympic GamesLondon MarathonABCDTask 1Unit 6: Competitions.Lesson 1: ReadingQuiz: “Road to Mount Olympia”ASao mai TV Singging ContestCLondon MarathonBOlympic GamesDTask 1: Match the words or phrases on the left with their definitions on the right.1. representative2. annual3. stimulate4. in all5. spirit6. smoothlya. without problems or difficultiesb. enthusiasm and energyc. altogether or as a totald. a person chosen or appointed on behalf of another person or a group.e. encourage or make something more activef. happening or done once every year Task 3: Read the passage 3 again and complete the sentences.1. In Activity 5, Hung was unable 2. Having achieved the highest score, Group B 3. Group C lost the game because they just got 4. Nga encouraged her group by saying  to recite the poem because he couldn’t remember the last sentence. became the winner of the competition.60 points. “For me the important thing was our participation in the competition and the enjoyment we had from it”.Task 2: Answer the following questions. - The representatives of three classes - A set of CDs for studying English and an Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.- They had to observe and score for each activity was 15. At the end of the competition they would annouce the total score of each group. The group that got the hightest score will be the winner.- They had to complete 5 activities in all. On completion of each activity, they had to answer the questions in the worksheets within 2 minutes.- The aim was to stimulate the spirit of learning English among students.- The Students’ Parents Society.1. Who took part in the annual final English Competition last Saturday?2. What was the aim of the competition?3. Who sponsored the competition?4. What did each group of students have to do during the contest?5. What did the judges have to do to choose the winner of the competition?6. What would be awarded to the winner?Homework.Read and translate the poem Hung recited at the annual final English Competition.Do you like the sky at nightWhen the stars are shining bright?Do you like it in the dayWhen the clouds all go away?What I like is the morning sunShining on me when I run.And I also like the rainPattering on my Windowpane.

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