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7.Christmas tree



10.Piece of music



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welcome to our class 11CB d2Warm-up :Kim’s game1. Fireworks2.Snow 3.Laughing4.Bells5.Party6.Ride7.Christmas tree8.Celebrations9.Jingle 10.Piece of musicSaturday, November 29,2008Unit 7 CELEBRATIONSSection B LISTENING 1. Fireworks 	(n) 	pháo hoa2.Snow 	(n) 	tuyết3.Laughing 	(n) 	tiếng cười4.Bells 	(n) 	chuông5.Party 	(n) 	tiệc6.Ride 	(v) 	cưỡi7.Christmas tree 	(n) 	cây nô-en8.Time 	(n) 	thời gian9.May 	( modal v ) 	có thể10.Hopes 	(n) 	hy vọngA. Listen to these pieces of music and decide what topics they are aboutNew YearChristmasBirthdayMotherFatherFriendB.Listen again to two pieces of music and fill in the blanks with the words provided.1.No more champagne and the ---1----- are through.Here we are, me and you, feeling lost and feeling blue.It’s the end of the ----2- -- , and the morning seems so gray, so unlike yesterday.Now’s the --------3------ for us to say:Ref:Happy New Year! Happy New Year!-----4----- we all have a vision, now and then, of the world where every neighbor is a------5----.Happy New Year! Happy New Year!May we all have our ------6-----, our wills to try.If we don’t, we might as well lay down and die, you and I fireworkspartytimeMayfriendhopes2.Dashing thru’ the-----7-----in a one- horse open sleigh,o’ er the fields we go,----8------ all the way.----9------- on bobtails ring, making spirits bright.What fun it is to ride and sing a leighing song tonight!Ref:Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!Oh what fun it is to----10-----in one- horse open sleigh!Oh!.....-Snow laughingBellsrideABBAHomeworkUnit 8 Postal And Telecommunications ServicesSection A Reading (Vocabulary)That is all for today.Thank you for your listeningGoodbye Fireworks

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