Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 7: Economics reforms

2/domestic politic optimistic moderate

3/drug subsidy suburb university

4/country encourage young youth

5/measure great leisure weather

6/shortage reform major export

7/number production undergo educate

8/continued liked developed introduced

9/overall problem most both

10/tourism raise sector business

11/ground sound found country

12/standard land stagnant namely

13/structure enterprise agriculture suggestion

14/interested prepared avoided demanded

15/pieces washes goes watches


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owed for international _____ and development in the country
a.pay	b.renovation	c.investment	d.opportunity
36/In 2002, _________ Vietamese Communist Party approved a 10 – year economic plan that enhanced the role of the private sector while reaffriming the primacy of the state
a.a	b.an	c.the	d.no article
37/____ some German and British management styles are similar, there are many differences between them
a.in spite	b.in spite of	c.despite the fact that	d.despite
38/I could not eat _______ I was very hungry
a.even though	b.in spite	c.despite	d.in spite the fact that
39/In spite _________, the baseball game was not cancelled
a.the rain	b.of the rain	c.it was raining	d.there was a rain
40/________ he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car
a.in spite	b.in spite of	c.despite	d.although
41/_________, he walked to the station
a.despite being tired	b.although to be tired	c.in spite being tired	d.despite tired
42/The children slept well, despite _______ 
a.it was noise	b.the noise	c.of the noise	d.noisy
43/She left him _________ she still loved him
a.even if	b.even though	c.in spite of	d.despite
44/_____ her lack of hard work, she was promoted
a.in spite	b.even though	c.in spite of	d.despite of
45/______ they are brothers, they do not loook like
a.although	b.even	c.despite	d.in spite of
46/We are concerned with the problem of energy resources ________ we must also think of our environment
a.despite	b.though	c.as though	d.but
47/________ some Japanese women are successful in business, the majority of Japanese companies are run by men
a.but	b.even if	c.if	d.as though
48/The teams played on in spite of the rain
a.even if	b.if	c.in case	d.notwithstanding
49/Economic reforms are often carried _____ to promote the developing of a country
a.out	b.on	c.for	d.in
50/Being aware ___ the importance of economic reforms, the Vietnamses Communist Party initiated an overall economic reform policy
a.for	b.at	c.of	d.in
51/For more than ten years, we have seen the significant _______ in the economy of our country
a.develop	b.developments	c.developers	d.developed
52/Henry was a studious student. He needed no _______ to work hard
a.encourage	b.encouraging	c.encouragement	d.encouraged
53/During the time of economic reforms, the economy has grown _______ with only a few major setbacks
a.constant	b.constanly	c.constants	d.constancy
54/The ____ effect of the new policy is that the farmer is now working for himself, and not for the state sake
a.legal	b.common	c.all	d.overall
55/Considering peasants make up nearly 80% of Vietnam’s population
a.specialists	b.economists	c.professors	d.farmers
56/The Doi Moi reforms have ____ new posibilities in farming systems research in Vietnam
a.risen	b.opened	c.renovated	d.called
57/The introduction of appropriate farming practices to Vietnam farmers can help them achieve a higher output
a.productivity	b.renovation	c.guidline	d.achievement
58/This development project could be of great help to the _______ Vietnamese population
a.major	b.living	c.rural	d.domestic
59/In the South, ______ development concentrated on rice cultivation, and nationally, rice and rubber were the main items of exports
a.industrial	b.agricultural	c.mining	d.textile
60/WTO accession also brings serious challengers, requiring Vietnam’s economic sectors to open _____ door to increase foreign competition
a.an	b.the	c.a	d.no article
61/Our new neigbours are quite nice ______ they are sometimes talkative
a.despite	b.in spite of the fact that	c.though	d.as though
62/There was a shortage ______ food and safe water after the flood
a.on	b.with	c.for	d.of
63/The new measures are aimed _______ increasing the productivity of crops
a.at	b.over	c.upon	d.beyond
64/The ___ challenge of economic reform was to slove the problem of motivating workers and farmers to produce a larger surplus
a.initial	b.initiate	c.initiative	d.initiation
65/Since 1990, India has had high growth rates, and has emerged as one of the wealthiest _______ in the developing world
a.economics	b.economies	c.economists	d.economically
66/Those specialsits are trying to find ways of making more ____ use of agricultural land
a.produce	b.production	c.productive	d.productivity
67/Industry in the area consisted mostly of food – processing plants and factories ________ consumer goods
a.renovating	b.ininating	c.developing	d.producing
68/The government gave top _____ to reforming the legal system
a.priority	b.primary	c.preference	d.major
69/A ___ is money that is paid by a government or other authority in order to help an industry or business, or to pay for a public service
a.capital	b.subsidy	c.investment	d.salary
70/The still remain the need for an integrated system of subsidies which will _________ farmers to look after their upland enviornment and producing food
a.enable	b.adopt	c.consume	d.expand
71/Development plans were to focus equally on agriculture and industry and investment was to favour projects that developed both _____ of the economy
a.parties	b.parts	c.sections	d.sectors
72/Despite the plan’s emphasis on agricultual ___, the industrial sector received a larger share of state investment.
a.shortage	b.commitment	c.development	d.achievement
73/Even if ____ , they had to continue practising
a.the players’ soreness	b.the players were sore
c.the fact that the players were sore	d.it was the palyers’ soreness
74/Economic policy encouraged _____ developing of the family economy
a.a	b.an	c.the	d.no article
75/Alice will tutor you in math ___ you promise to do everything she says
a.unless	b.only if	c.whereas	d.even though
76/Oscar won’t pass his math course ____ he gets a tutor
a.because	b.in the event that	c.unless	d. only if
77/Most people you meet will be polite to you __ you are polte to them
a.in case	b.only if	c.unless	d.if
78/I’ m gald that my mother made me take piano lessons when I was a child ____ I hated it at the time. Now, I play the piano every day
a.even though	b.because	c.unless	d.if
79/Chicken eggs will not hatch ____ they are kept at the proper temperature
a.bacause	b.unless	c.only if	d.even though
80/The children’s mother warned them _____ near the river
a.not to go	b.to not go	c.not going	d.don’t go
81/_________ he had already written his first composition
a.his age was six	b.by the age of six	c.he was six	d.six years old
82/He did not conquer Britain but instead stayed a few weeks, took some hostages, and _____
a.before returning to Boulogne	b.he returned to Boulogn
c.then to Boulogn	d.returned to Boulogne
83/_______ was debated, the more people beacme involved
a.the longer the issue	b.the longer issue	c.the long issue	d.the longest issue
84/TV is the most popular means of ________ (entertainment/ entertaining/ entertain/ entertainer)
85/They have gone out for a drink ____ 2 hours (for/ since/ in/ with)
86/Do you know what it _______ to be a superstar? (likes/ to be liked/ is like/ is liked)
87/”I’m going to the cinema this evening” . Nice. _______ will you go with?” (to whom/ whom/ which/ that)
88/Have you finished ____ the dishes? I need you help me with my homework (to clean/ clean/ cleaned/ cleaning)
89/The ______ is the one who has the care or charge of a book collection (librarian/ maid/ key – man/ housekeeper)
90/Your _____ conversation has drawn a lot of attention from people in the ballroom (interesting/ interested/ interest/ interestedly)
91/A _______ holiday can help you out of depression (delightful/ delighted/ delight/ delightedness)
92/We ______ for an hour when the bus finally came (waited/ had been waiting/ have been waiting/ have waited)
93/I’d rather you _______ anything about it for the time being (don’t do/ not do/ won’t do/ didn’t do)
94/I ______ Jane tonight, so I will pass your message on to her (meet/ will be meeting/ am meeting/ will have met)
95/John _________ his car serviced every two months (has/ will have/ has had/ is having)
96/I’ll return Bob’s pen to him the next time I ___________ him (see/ will see/ will have seen/ have seen)
97/The last time I _________ to Scotland was in May, when the weather was beautiful (go/ went/ was going/ have gone)
98/I ________ on the left because I’ve lived in Britain for a long time ( used to drive/ am used to drive/ got used to driving/ am used to driving)
99/She sacrified her career ________ her children (to/ for/ on/ with)
100/If you put your trust ___________ me, I will not let you ____________. (in – on/ on – off/ in – down/ to – down)
101/In Viet Nam, two, three or even four generations live ________ one roof (in/ over/ with/ under)
102/My father has an older sister he hasn’t seen ________ thirty years (since/ in/ during/ for)
103/Jane has become _________ to Roger, and the wedding will be in April (proposed/ engaged/ settle/ agreed)
104/When we went to Egypt he knew ______ no Arabic, but within six months he had become extremely fluent (entirely/ virtually/ barely/ scarely)
105/She said she met you once at the Parade last week. _________ since? (have you met her/ had you met her/ did you meet her/ were you met her)
106/Several years after they _________ up they met again by chance in Paris (have split/ had split/ were split/ had been spliting)
107/Johns _________ the same talk in room 103 at 10.00 next Thurday (gives/ is to give/ will be giving/ will have given)
108/You need to work much harder if you _________ any chance of passing the exam (have/ are to have/ will have/ are having)
109/It’s difficult for us to get jobs here, so we ___________ emigrating to Canada (consider/ are considering/ have considered/ will consider)
110/They ________ the job by this time tomorrow (will finish/ will be finishing/ will have finished/ are finishing)
111/_________the gold medal he will have to do better than that
a.winning	b.in order win	c.to win	d.so that he wins
112/The Olympic Games are held every four years in a selected country, and ______ to athletes of all nations
a.they are opened	b.they are opened	c.are opened	d.it is open
113/Winning first place in an event was the only glory in the ancient Games because second and third places ________
a.did not recognise	b.was not recognised	 c.were not recognised	d.are not recognised
114/So little _________ that thes neighbours could not settle their differences
a.they agreed	b.agreed did they	c.did they agree	d.they did agree
115/Never _______ such a sight!
a.I did see	b.have been I	c.I saw	d.have I seen
116/Using computers is the best way to becpme acquainted with _______ features
a.our	b.its	c.his	d.their
117/”Let’s _______ about our examination results”
a.to stop to worry	b.stop to worry	c.stop worry	d.stop worrying
118/I know Jimmy ________ him
a.too well so as to trust	b.so well so as to trust
c.too well to trust	d.well enough as to trust	
119/It is imperative _________
a.that you shall arrive here in time	b.that you arrive here in time
c.that you must arrive here in time	d.that you had to arrive here in time
120/The classromm is empty. I think they ________ to the lab
a.must have gone	b.need have gone	c.should have gone	d.can have gone
121/”I’m disappointed with the new officers elected in our club”
“I am too, but there’s no point _________ about it”
a.to worry	b.in worrying	c.with us worrying	d.if we worry
122/___________ and you will succeed
a.should you work hard b.by working hard	c.work hard	d.if only you work hard
123/I wish I _______ there at all
a.did not go	b.have not gone	c.had not gone	d.would not go
124/I don’t suppose there is anyone there, _________?
a.is there	b.isn’t there	c.do I	d.don’t I
125/They resented ________ like aliens	
a.to be treated	b.to treat	c.being treated	d.treating
126/____________ you don’t like her has nothing to do with the matter
a.what	b.that	c.whether	d.how
127/It _________ that to be a good musician, you have to learn to play very young
a.was said	b.says	c.is said	d.had been said
128/The guitar player wishes that he could still __________ everyday
a.practise	b.to practise	c.practising	d.practised
129/The drum player ________ play with a dance band when he was young
a.usually	b. is used	c.used to	d.is used to
130/Then his friend thought he _______ to play an instrument too
a.liked	b.likes	c.to like	d.would like
131/So the drum player told him ________ the tambourine
a.learn	b.to learn	c.that he learn	d.learned
132/The man with the drums and the with the guitar are playing with too hands. The other man is playing _______
a.single – handed	b.one hand	c.one handed	d.with one hand
133/The three men _________ for an hour
a.are playing	b.have been playing	
c.will have played	d.will have been playing
134/By dinner time, they _______ all the songs they know
a.have been playing	b.will be playing	c.will have played	d.will have been playing
135/The children enjoy ____ with the men
a.the playing	b.playing	c.play	d.to play
136/My uncle wishes he _____ time when he was young
a.wouldn’t waste	b.didn’t waste	c.hasn’t wasted	d.hadn’t wasted
137/Only when you grow up_______ the truth
a.you know	b.you will know	c.do you know	d.will you know
138/My uncle, _________ you met yesterday, is a lawyer
a.whose	b.that	c.whom	d.b and c
139/I _____ the bell three times when he answered the door
a.was ringing	b.had rung	c.rang	d.would ring
140/I bitterly regret _____ him the story yesterday
a.to tell	b.to be telling	c.to have told	d.having told
141/You can go where you like ___________ you get back before dark
a.owing to the fact that b.as long as	c.or else	d.even it
142/There was _______ to prevent the accident
a.something could do	b.anything we could do
c.nothing we couldn’t do	d.nothing we could do
143/The vase is an antique. It _______ a lot of money
a.worths	b.is worthy of	c.is worthed	d.is worth
144/___________ that land was known as Siam but its modern name is Thailand
a.origin	b.original	c.originates	d.originally
145/I can smell the perfume ________
a.with faintness	b.faintly	c.faintily	d.faint
146/”_______________to deliver this letter to the secretary?”
a.would you be so kind	b.would you be so kind as
c.would you be as kind	d.would you be as kind as
147/All right, Johnny, it’s time you _____ to bed
a.went	b.would go	c.will be going	d.going to go
148/The men and the children in the picture are singing and playing _______
a.each other	b.by each other	c.one another	d.with each other
149/”Let’s play together, ___________?”
a.will we	b.shall we	c.shouldn’t we	d.should we
150/The men _______ because it is a holiday
a.don’t work	b.won’t work	c.haven’t worked	d.aren’t working
151/The children _________ go to school either
a.don’t have to	b.musn’t	c.don’t	d.haven’t to
152/“If I hadn’t practised when I was younger,” he says, “I ___________ able to play now”
a.wouldn’t be	b.wouldn’t have been	c.won’t be	d.would be
153/Develpoing country used to be called third – world or __ countries
a.developed	b.overdeveloped	c.underdeveloped	d.underdeveloping
154/By the year 2010 many people currently employed _______ their jobs
a.have lost	b.will have lost	c.will be losing	d.are losing
155/The more a car costs, _______ it goes
a.faster	b.the faster	c.so faster	d.the fastest
156/My neighbour made ____ noise last night that I couldn’t get to sleep
a.so many	b.so much	c.such	d.so
157/_______ a famous personality has its advantages and its disadvantages
a.been	b.be	c.being	d. all are correct
158/That bag looks very heavy _______ carry it for you?
a.am I going to	b.will I	c.shall I	d.would I
159/I’m much fitter than_________
a.she is	b.her is	c.she’s 	d.she
160/She _____ as a nurse for three years before her marriage
a.has worked	b.has been working	c.worked	d.is working
161/He didn’t check she has enough petrol before he left, ______ was careless of her
a.what	b.it	c.that	d.which
162/____he took off his dark glasses, I recognised him
a.whenever	b. then	c.as soon as	d.while
163/You might get there on time if you _______ now
a.will leave	b.leave	c.would leave left	d.are leaving
164/Prices ______ considerably since this time last year
a.raised	b.rose	c.have raised	d.have risen
165/You won’t do it_______ you try harder
a.in spite of	b.unless	c.if	d.in case
166/The house, _______ Shakespeare was born in, is open to the public
a.where	b.which	c.that	d.whom
167/If he _____ more slowly, he would have been able to stop
a.had been driving	b.drove	c.has driven	d.didn’t drive
168/They sat down to a ______ meal
a.five – coursed	b.five – course	c.five courses	d.five course’s
169/If I’d known it was going to be sunny, __________ my sunglasses
a.I’d wear	b.I’ll wear	c.I’d have worn	d.I wear
170/______I’m eating less then usual, I still seem to be gaining weight
a.because	b.if	c.although	d.unless
171/I never take much on holiday with me, just _____ clothes and a couple of books
a.few	b.little	c.a few	d.a little
172/I need eight hours’ sleep a night, _________ my brother gets by on only five or six
a.except	b.however	c.whereas	d.because
173/The discovery of oild can bring great _________ to a country
a.property	b.wealth	c.purchases	d.belongings
1/ In spite of she has been working for hours, Janet spends time with her son.
2/When Sam will arrive, we will open the gifts.
3/ Had he planed on going, he will have let us know.
4/When she heard the news she got so a shock that she dropped her glass.
5/The teacher whom was respected by all his students teaches English.
6/ I found it wonder when I could first use a computer.
7/Why are you working on the internet for, getting information or chatting?
8/If the goal keeper had playing better, they would not have lost the game.
9/Agriculture relies on water, which maybe scarce at times.
10/The houses along the street is for sale.
11/Physics are taught by professor Davy who is from Mexico.
12/Two weeks are plenty of time to finish the assignment.
13/Some students were reading in the library while others was studying in the classroom.
14/Among Shakespear’s plays, the more famous ones are “Romeo and Juliet” and “Hamlet”.
15/”Happy New Year “, whose is very popular song, is being sung.
16/London, that is the capital of Great Britain, is one of the largest cities in the world.
17/You may find it interesting seeing the film “Titanic”.
18/We will help you some money, if I have or not.
19/Among my favourite books are “the shadow and gunman” .
20/The teacher asked his pupils sitting down.
21/Calculating machine will be used for a long time.
22/No matter where job I am doing, I try to do well.
23/A litre is one of the metric measurements, aren’t they?
24/Fred asked me help him while he was doing his homework.
25/’Romeo and Juliet” is one of the more exciting films.
26/Donald hardly never misses an opprotunity to go camping with his classmates.
27/He usally has a glass of milk after breakfast, but now he drinks a cup of coffee.
28/They told me don’t smoke in the watting room.
29/Geogre is not enough intelligent to pass the exam without help.
30/There were so much people trying to leave the burning building.
31/Unless you don’t stop smoking, you will be ill.
32/There is some scissors in the desk draw in the bedroom.
33/I am not like going out at night very much.
34/He told them to obey the traffic law when travelled on the road.
35/Hardly he entered the office when he realized that he had forgotten his wallet.
36/I don’t know what is he doing now.
37/Most neighbourhood agree that there should not be a shopping mall next to the park.
38/Not much scientists have the time or the verbal skills required to become literary writers.
39/For best results eggs and cheese should be cooked over gentle heat, isn’t it?
40/Neither too much rest nor a diet of rich food are good for the body.
1/There were a lot of errors in his essay
a.he made a lot of errors in his essay	b.he makes a lot of errors in his essay
c.he had made a lot of errors in hi

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