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Mid-Fall Festival



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UNIT 8:	CELEBRATIONSLesson 1:	 GETTING STARTED (p.65)	LISTEN AND READ (P.65 - 66)CELEBRATIONTet(Lunar New Year)Women’s DaybirthdayPassoverChristmasValentine DayMid Autumn FestivalEasterMay DayWeddingTeacher 's Day1. GETTING STARTED1345 6 2 Easter	 	 Christmas Mid-Fall Festival Lunar New Year birthday	 wedding1. GETTING STARTED1 –2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 –EasterweddingbirthdayChristmasMid-Fall FestivalLunar New YearChecking vocabulary123456to occuruto decorateefreedomeeslaveryajewishewparadeaCelebrationWhen?ActivitiesFoodCountryTet(Lunar New Year)PassoverEasterIn late January or early FebruaryCleaning and decorating homes, enjoying special foodSticky rice cakeVietnamIn late March or early AprilEating special mealspecial meal called SederIsraelAround the same as PassoverWatching colorful paradesChocolate, sugar eggsIn many countries

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