Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 8: Life in the future

I’ve got something for you.

You’ve got something for me?

We’ve failed and they’ve passed.

I haven’t always lived in this cottage, you know.

Haven’t you? You’ve not been here long, of course.

I haven’t. But I’ve grown to love it already.

He’s left, and she’s gone to work, too.

Hasn’t the doctor come yet?

No. The doctor hasn’t been called.


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Teacher : Nguyen Thi Huyen My Warm upDiscuss the using of these articles: a, an, the in the sentences.“ The child has been ill for a week. I think we should call a doctor”Yes, we should do that. Has the doctor come yet? No, he hasn’t.life in the futureUnit 8Lesson 5 : Language focusPronunciation : Contracted forms of auxiliaries(continued) Grammar: Prepositions and articlesPronunciation* Read the following phrases. Pay attention to how the full and contracted forms of the auxiliaries are pronounced. Full formsContracted formsFull formsContracted formsI haveYou haveHe hasShe hasIt hasI’veYou’veHe’sShe’sIt’sI have notYou have notHe has notShe has notIt has notI haven’tYou haven’tHe hasn’tShe hasn’tIt hasn’tI’ve got something for you.You’ve got something for me?We’ve failed and they’ve passed.I haven’t always lived in this cottage, you know.Haven’t you? You’ve not been here long, of course.I haven’t. But I’ve grown to love it already.He’s left, and she’s gone to work, too.Hasn’t the doctor come yet?No. The doctor hasn’t been called.* Practise reading these sentences:GrammarWhat are prepositions? - on, in, at, between, among, opposite, under, behind, in front of, from ... to..., for, since, above,...GrammarExercise :1 Choose the appropriate prepositions.1. Luckily, you are in/on time for the meeting.in time + for = early enoughon time doesn’t go with for/to.	2. Many people are dying of/by various types of cancer.die of + N: chÕt vi (bÖnh tËt)...die by + N: chÕt bëi (b¹o lùc)...3. I will not be here next week. I am going to be on/in business in Mexico. to be on business : ®i c«ng t¸c to be in business = being a businessman4. At/In the end of the book, they got married and live happily ever after.In the end : cuèi cïng, vÒ sau...At the end of + N: t¹i cuèi...5. Thank you for everything you’ve done. You are a true friend of/to me.6. I can’t believe in/to you. You always let me down.- believe in Sb: tin t­ëng ai... 7. I have warned you on/about the difficulties you have to face when applying for the job.- warn Sb about Sb/sth: can dÆn ai vÒ c¸i gi/ai... 8. Britney Spears is famous by/for her beautiful face and sweet voice.famous for Sth : næi tiÕng vÒ c¸i gi...9. The bookshop is among/between the chemist’s and the butcher’s and across/opposite the library.10. Next year, I am going to get married to/with John and we are going to move to Bristol.- get married to Sb: kÕt h«n víi ai... Exercise :2 Put a/an, the or o in each space to complete the following sentences.We went by ________train to the west of England.______ people who live in ______ Scotland are called ______ Scots.______ Columbus was one of _____ first people to cross ______ Atlantic.Davis learned to play ______ violin when he was at _______ university.Did you read ______ book I lent you ______ last week?Is that ______ present Bill gave you for ________ Christmas?_______ computer has already changed _______ our lives dramatically.There was ______ accident yesterday at ______ corner of ________ street.I need ______ time to think about _______ offer you gave me.________ little knowledge is _________ dangerous thing. 0 0 0 0 0 the the the 0 the 0 the 0 The 0an the the 0 the a 0Notesa/an : m¹o tõ kh«ng x¸c ®ÞnhM¹o tõ a: ®øng tr­íc mét danh tõ b¾t ®Çu b»ng 1 phô ©meg: a train [trein]2. M¹o tõ an : ®øng tr­íc mét danh tõ b¾t ®Çu b»ng 1 nguyªn ©meg : an university [,ju:ni'və:səti] an honest ['ɔnist]* ChØ dïng a/an tr­íc danh tõ sè Ýt ®Õm ®­îcNotesthe : m¹o tõ x¸c ®Þnhtr­íc danh tõ ®· ®­îc biÕt bëi ng­êi nãi vµ ng­êi nghe.eg: The child has been ill.... tr­íc cÊp so s¸nh tuyÖt ®èieg : He was the most intelligent person I’ve ever admired.tr­íc danh tõ chØ s«ng, nói, biÓn...eg: Columbus was one of the first people to cross the Atlantic.Noteszero article: - go by car, go by train, go by bus - on Monday, on Tuesday, last week, last month - England, English, (the Philippines)... - Minh, Lan, Peter...- Christmas, ...ConclusionPronunciation: Contracted forms of auxiliaries : have and hasGrammar: prepositions and articles+ on /in time + die of/ die by + N+ to be on business + In/At the end+ believe in Sb + warn Sb about Sth+ famous for Sth + get married to Sb+ a/an/the/zero articlesHomeworkDo Test yourself cDo exercises in the workbookTHANKS FOR YOUR ATTENDINGThank you for your attention!

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