Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 9: Post office

How were the fixed telephone numbers changed in 1996

The fixed numbers were changed from 6 to 7 digits


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Class: 11A1Phu Xuyen A High SchoolTeacher: Luong Thi HuyenUnit 9Part C: ListeningWork in pairs: Ask and answer the following questionsWhat is this?1. Is your family on phone? What is your telephone number?Yes. My telephone number is 04.33.784.8052. Does any member of your family have cellphone? What make is it?Yes. My mother and father have cellphone3. What do you think are advantages and disadvantages of cell phoneListen and repeatcommunecommunal growth capacityrural networkdigit subscriber>> Listen to the tapeYou will hear some information about the development of Vietnam’s telephone system over t6he past few years. Listen and then do the task that follow.Collect informationTask 1Listen and choose the letters (A, B,C or D) for the following statements and questions1. According to the passage, Vietnam ranks .. For growth in the number of telephone subscribers.A. 6th	B. 2nd	C. 30th	D. 8th2. Vietnam is among the  countries in the world that have more than two million telephones.A. 6	B. 140	C. 13	D. 303. In 1996, Vietnam began upgrading its ... Networks.A. Mobile phone	B. Subscriber 	 C. Fixed telephone	D. Post office4. According to the passage, at present,  percent of communes across Vietnam have telephone servicesA. 90	B. 80	C. 14	D. 93Task 15. Which aspect of development in Vietnam’s telecommunication is “not” mentioned in the listening passage?The increase in the number of telephonesThe growth in the capacity of the mobile phone systemThe change of the international telephone systemThe reduction in monthly telephone fees.According to the passage, which country has the highest in the number of telephone subscribersIt’s ChinaHow many telephone were there in Vietnam in the early 1990s?There were 140000 telephonesHow were the fixed telephone numbers changed in 1996The fixed numbers were changed from 6 to 7 digitsAccording to the passage, how many communal post offices are there in VietnamThere were 6014 communal post offices in VietnamWhen did the change of mobile telephone numbers take place?In 2001After you listenHow do you think about the developments of telecommunication of VietnamThe developments of telephone in Vietnam

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