Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Period 74 - Unit 12: A vacation abroad

1.What are the names of the hotels?

They are Revere Hotel and Atlantic Hotel.

2.How much is a single room in Revere Hote

It is 50-80 dollar

3.How much is a double room in Atlantic Hotel?


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héi gi¶ng chµo mõng 26-3gi¸oviªn:do·nminhtr­êngthcsth©n nh©nNhiÖt liÖt chµo mõng c¸c thÇy gi¸o, c« gi¸o ®Õn dù giê, th¨m líp !Answer these questions:1. Are Mrs Quyen and her husband coming to New York on Monday?2. Do they have any friends there?3. Will they stay in a hotel?4. When will they leave San Francisco?Period 74: UNIT 12: A VACATION ABROADLesson 2: SPEAK AND LISTENI.Vocabulary phßng triÓn l·mdù b¸o thêi tiÕtphßng ®«i®é ©mphßng ®¬nnhiÖt ®éphßng tËp TD1.(a) gym:phßng tËp TDphßng ®¬nphßng ®«iphßng triÓn l·mdù b¸o thêi tiÕtnhiÖt ®é®é ©m2.(a) single room:3.(a) double room: 4.(a) gallery:5.weather forecast(n):6.degree(centigrade):7.minus (n):II.Speaking: A-Answer these questions:1.What are the names of the hotels?2.How much is a single room in Revere Hotel?3.How much is a double room in Atlantic Hotel?4.Is there a gym in Atlantic Hotel?5.Can we swim in both hotels?They are Revere Hotel and Atlantic Hotel.It is 50-80 dollars.It is 60-100 dollars.No,there isn’t.Yes,we can.B- Complete this dialogue:Mrs QuyenMr ThanhWhere stay?The Revere Hotel but it hasshall weis expensivea gym.Where visit?should weWe museums and art galleries.should visitWhat time Los Angeles?should we leaveThere’s at 10 A.M. a daily flightWhat time we Boston?arriveshallAt 4 o’clock.III.Listening: 1.List the adjectives of weather.rainyweatherclouldywindysunnysnowycoldhotwarmwetdrycoolfine2.Listen and complete this table:CityweatherLow temperatureHigh temperature1.Sydney dry, windy262.Tokyo153.London ,cold4.Bangkok warm ,5.New York , 156.Paris ,10 dry , windy20humid-3227dry2432816drywindydrycoolHomeworkWrite the weather forecast for these cities:CityweatherLow temperatureHigh temperatureHa Noicold , rainy815Huedry, sunny2328Da Nangcool ,cloudy1923Example:Ha Noi will be cold and rainy today.The low temperature will be 8 degrees,and the high will be 15.

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