Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Technology and you

A. Have you got ________ ?

B. Yes, I have.

A. Can/Could you tell me what _______ is used for?

B. Well, it is used to ________ .


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­­­wellcome to our classFriday, October 31st, 2008Warm - up:match the pictures with their namesFax machineAir conditionerElectronic cooker TelevisionCongratulations! Vocabulary:Fax machineAir conditionerElectronic cookerTo transmit = to sendTo hold a meeting= to organize a meetingTruyền, dẫnTổ chức cuộc họpunit:5Technology and youB - SpeakingTask 1. Ask and answer about the new inventions in pairs:A. Have you got ________ ?B. Yes, I have.A. Can/Could you tell me what _______ is used for?B. Well, it is used to ________ .a cell phonethe cell phone communicate and exchange information. communicate and exchange information.Look and speak:- Cook (rice/meat/fish/vegetables), keep (food/ rice/ warm) Listen (news/music) learn ( foreign languages) Watch (news/performances/football matches), learn (foreign languages) Send/ receive (letter/ pictures) quickly- Keep air cool or warm/ when it /hot or coldTask 2. Work in pairs. Complete the sentences below. Use the words in the box. (You’ll have to use some verbs more than once)Information technology is very useful to our lives. It allows us to:1. ________ very large mounts of information,2. ________ information quickly,3. ________ information as soon as we receive it.With the development of information technology we can now:4. ________ messages from one computer to another,5. ________ long distance meetings in which the participants can see each other on the screen.6. ________ use of central stores of information,7. ________ TV programmes to other countries,8. ________ TV programmes from other countries,9. ________ houses, bridges, gardens and building.transmit receive make process store send hold design store transmitprocess send hold make send receive designTask 3. Work in pairs to make a dialogue about the usefulness of I.T.Do you learn information technology?B. Yes, I do.Who teaches you I.T?B. A. Do you think I.T is important?B. Yes.Why is it important?B. Because Who can talk about the usefulness of I.T?- (You may start): Information technology is very useful to our lives. It transmitreceivesendprocessholdstoredesignlearnwatchlistenmakeHomework: Write a passage to talk about the usefulness of I.T.Thank you!

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