Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 1: Describing trends

Nouns and verbs

A rise Rose to

An increase increased to

Growth went up to

An upward trend climbed to

A boom boomed

(a dramatic rise)

------------------- ------------------------------------

A decrease fell to

A decline declined to

A fall decreased to

A drop dropped to/ dipped to

A slump went down to

A dramatic fall fell dramatically

A reduction reduced to





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Task 1 writingieltsGeneral informationTime: 20 minutes+ 2 -3 minutes: understand the question + details+ 15 minutes: write quicklyAnswer all parts of questionsParaphrase informationGeneral – detail/ specific+ 2 minutes: check-up: punctuation, content, coherence, spellingWord limit: 150 words (170 words preferred)H0W TO ORGANIZE TASK 1Introduction: paraphrase from the questionBody: general trend – specific trendConclusion: no need No comment + own ideaUnit 1describing trendsNouns and verbsA rise	Rose toAn increase	increased toGrowth	went up toAn upward trend	climbed toA boom	boomed(a dramatic rise) ------------------- ------------------------------------A decrease	fell toA decline	declined toA fall	decreased toA drop	dropped to/ dipped toA slump	went down toA dramatic fall	fell dramaticallyA reduction	reduced to	Noun and verbsA levelling out	levelled out (at)No change	did not change	remained stable at	remained steady at	stayed constant at	maintained the same levelUnit 1 (cont)Degree of change	Dramatic	dramaticallySharp	sharplyHugeEnormous	enormouslySteep	steeplySubstantial	substantiallyConsiderable	considerablySignificant	significantlyMarked	markedlyModerate	moderatelySlight	slightlySmallMinimal	minimallyThe speed of changeRapid	rapidlyQuick	quicklySwift	swiftlySudden	suddenlySteady	steadilyGradual	graduallySlow	slowlyUnit 2 (use comparison)More males than females choose the TV.Fewer males than females choose mobile phone.The TV was more popular among males than females.The most popular form of communication was the internetAs many females as males rank TV as the least important invention.Nearly as many females as males rank TV as the least important invention.Not as many females as males rank cars as the most important invention.Slightly/ considerably/ substantially/ more women than men voted for the bicyclesUnit 2 (cont)Red is the most popular car colour.Professional is the second most prevalent employment category.Spain is the least common holiday destination.Twice as many women are employed in ABC company as Far more women are employed in ABC company thanHelpful expressionsThe diagram reveals thatTo some extent: trong 1 chung muc nao doTo a lesser extent: trong pham vi/ qui mo nho honA glance at  reflects..: nhin qua cho thay rangA similar situation was seenmot truong hop tuong tu duoc nhin thay la

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