Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 11: National Parks


con b­ím


khiÕn cho må c«i


tr¹i må c«i


định vị


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wellcome to our classFriday January, 22rd 2010Look at the pictures and answer the questions Can you tell me the name of the National Park in the picture?Where is it ?Cuc Phuong National Park, VietnamCan you name the National Park in the picture?Where is it ?Nairobi National Park, Kenya Can you tell the name of the National Parkin the picture?Everglades National Park, USAWhere is it? Unit 11: National Parks Part A: ReadingBefore you read Pre – teaching Vocabulary - Butterfly (n): con b­ím - orphan(v) : khiÕn cho må c«i- abandon(v) : tõ bá- locate(v) : định vị - orphanage(n) : tr¹i må c«i- survival(n) : sù sèng cßn- contamination(n) : sù nhiÔm bÈnWhile you read : Task 1 1. ..to start an organization that is intended to continue for a long time.2.to have something inside.3 a group/ groups of animals or plants.4.a state of continuing to live or exist.5.related to an area near a tropical area.6..a state of being polluted.Match the word in the passages with each of the following definition.A . survival:B.contaminationC. establishD. species:E. contain F. sub-tropical:CEDAFBWhile you read : Task 2 Answer the questions1. What is the area of the rainforest in C.P N.P ?The area of rainforest in C.P N.P is over 200 kilometres2. Why would November be suitable time to visit this park?Because the rainy season is overWhile you read : Task 2 Answer the questions3. What can people learn in Nairobi National Park?4. What kinds of animals are taken care of in the Orphanage?3. They can learn about the habits of animals and how one species is dependent upon another for survival4. In the Orphanage, orphaned and abandoned animals are taken care ofWhile you read : Task 2 Answer the questions5. Why is Everglades National Park endangered?6. What do you think will happen to Everglades National Park if more chemicals are released into the water?5. Because there are toxic levels of chemicals in the water6. If more chemicals are released into the water, the plants and animals will die.After you readCan you talk some information about Cuc Phuong National Park?Location Located 160 km south west of Hà NộiContains over 200 kilometres of rainforestCÚC PHƯƠNG NATIONAL PARKWhat can we see in Cuc Phuong National Park?butterflycaveold treemountainPlants and treesAnimals Homework- Read the passage again- Answer the questions again- Prepare the new lessonCßn tiÕp !...

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