Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 12: Let's eat

Answer the questions

Did Lan have some noodles?

Yes, she did.

Who had vegetables?

Lan & Nga had vegetables.



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NGUYEN BA NGOC SECONDARY SCHOOLTeacher: HUYNH THANH MINHWELCOME TO OUR CLASS 7DBINGOCongratulationFor her lunch, Lan had noodles, beef, vegetables and juice.* Pre-question:What did Ba/Nga and Hoa eat and drink? Section B4 UNIT 12: LET'S EATPeriod 77abcdefgh*Calling Pictures?(to) drink / drank?rice, fish noodles, beef vegetables (to) eat / ate++juice waterEx:What did he eat? He ate rice and fishEx:What did he drink? He drank juice and water(to) have/ had (to) choose/ chose * Note:+rice, fish noodles, beef vegetables juice, waterEx: She had/ chose rice, fish and water. UNIT 12: LET'S EAT *Section: B 4 Period 77Listen and write the letters of what they ate and drankLan:..b, d, f, g..Ba:..Nga:Hoa:a, c, e, hb, e, ga, d, f *Answer the questions 1. Did Lan have some noodles? 2. Who had vegetables? 3. What did Ba eat ? 4. Did Hoa have fish? FoodNamericenoodlesfishvegetablesfruitbeefjuiceWaterLANBANGAHOA* Answer the questions 1. Did Lan have some noodles? 4. Did Hoa have fish? 3. What did Ba eat ? 2. Who had vegetables? Yes, she did. Lan & Nga had vegetables.  He ate rice, fish and some fruit  No, she didn’t.543211. Did Ba have some fruit? Yes, he did2. What did Nga have for lunch?  She had rice, vegetables and juice.3.LUCKY NUMBERYou have 2 marks.4. Who drank juice? Lan, Nga and Hoa drank juice.5.LUCKY NUMBERYou have 2 marks10c98765432106Lost your turnLucky numbers*HOME WORK:	 -Write the answer for question: “What did Lan, Ba, Nga and Hoa eat and drink ?”.	-Write sentences about the food and drink that you and your family had for lunch yesterday. THANKYOU VERY MUCHricePicture a:noodlesPicture b:fishPicture c:vegetablesPicture d :fruitPicture e: beefPicture f: juicePicture g: waterPicture h: 

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