Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 2: School talk

Would you like a of coffee?


 There are a lot of .at night?


The . rises in the east.


 Jogging is useful for .beat.


We usually have .with meat, fish at 11:30


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WELCOME TO OUR CLASS!UNIT 2: SCHOOL TALKLESSON E: LANGUAGE FOCUSPronunciationWould you like a  of coffee? There are a lot of .at night?The .. rises in the east. Jogging is useful for .beat.We usually have .with meat, fish at 11:30Sunheartlunchstarscup/ ʌ // a: // a: // ʌ // ʌ /Pronunciation: / ʌ / - / a: / / ʌ /Study Subject CousinLove Wonderful/ a: /farfathermarveloustargetguitarABPractise these sentences:1. I love my school very much.I think my cousin is lovely.Last month I took Sunny out for lunch.They are dancing under the stars.5. Martha and Charles are dancing in the dark.6. Let’s have lunch in the garden./ a: // ʌ // ʌ // ʌ // a: // ʌ // a: // ʌ // a: // ʌ // a: // ʌ // a: // ʌ // a: // ʌ // a: // a: // a: /They enjoy going fishing.He manages to pass the exam. Manage + to infinitiveEnjoy + V-ingSome verbs followed by V+ to-infinitive or V+ ingV+ to infinitive:V+ ingpractisepostponemissrisksuggestconsidermindavoidenjoythreatenrefusehopeplandecidefailagreemanageEX: we decide to travel to Dalat for this summerEX: I suggest going to the theatre tonight.wantNote: Remember Forget  Try Stop + to infinitive+ V-ingrefers to the pastrefers to an action in the futureI remember sending the letter.EX: I remember to send the letter.(I do not forget to send the letter)(I sent the letter and I remember the action).orPracticeEX: I/ like/ read/ books  I like to read books1. I/ like/ watch  I like to watch TV.2. I/ decide/ go/ a walk.6. They/ stop / talk/ him.4. She/ suggest/ have/dinner5.He/ agree/ lend/ me/ money3. You/ stop/ make/ noise.  I decide to go for a walk.  You should stop making noise.  She suggests having dinner soon.  He agrees to lend me money.  They stop talking about him. NgocPhungthink about action film, Phung?Avoid it. enjoy, cartoon.Violent. Not like, watch. You?Plan, go theatre,this week?Decide, go club.Love story film.Sure. Want, enjoy film. You?Wh-/h-questionswherewhatwhywhichwhenwhowhoseHow oftenHow oldHow muchHow manyHow + 1.Just a few days ago.2.For a few days.3.I came with a friend.4.In the centre of a city.5.Because it is interesting.6.It’s seven o’clock.7.They have three children.Exercise 11.Just a few days agoWhen did you come?2.For a few days.How long did you stay?3.I came with a friend.Who did you come with?4.In the centre of a city.Where do you live?5.Because it is interesting.Why do you like learning English?6.It’s seven o’clock.What time is it now?7.They have three children.How many children do they have?Homework1.Do exercise 2,3 in the textbook -page 30,31.2.Prepare next lesson.That’s enough for today!!!

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