Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 3: A party

Blow out (v)

Adult (n)

Joke (v)

Wedding anniversary (n)

Silver anniversary (n)

Golden anniversary (n)

Mark (v)

Milestone (n)


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Good morningMatch a word with a suitable picture.Birthday cakeFlowersCandlesBirthday cardsGiftsBalloonsBalloonsFlowersCandlesBirthday cakeBirthday cardsGifts132654October 2nd 2007Unit 3: A partyPeriod 1:ReadingNew wordsBlow out (v)Adult (n)Joke (v)Wedding anniversary (n)Silver anniversary (n)Golden anniversary (n)Mark (v)Milestone (n)Task 1: Decide which of the activities below takes place at a birthday party or at a wedding anniversary party or at both. Birthday partyWedding anniversary party1. People sing a song2. People eat cake3. People receive cards and gift from friends and relatives4. People joke about their age5. People remember their wedding day6. People go out to dinner7. People blow out candle , one for each year. vvvvvvvvv1. Lisa’s family and friends are at her birthday party.2. Everyone cake and ice cream at the birthday party.3. Lisa opens birthday cards and from her family and friends.4. Many Americans over the age of 30 don’t like to talk about their .5. Fifty ago, Rosa and Luis got married.6. People call the th wedding anniversary the “golden anniversary”.7. Rosa and Luis are happy to be together for their anniversary.Task 2: Underline the wrong word and provide the correct one. eatsseventheighthmakespresentsfoodageanniversariesmonthsyearsgoldensilver550Match a verb in Column A with a suitable phrase in column B AB1. Blow out2. Sing 3. Celebrate 4. Eat 5. Receive6. Mark 7. Saya. Party or anniversaryb. Cake and ice creame. “Happy anniversaryc. The candlesd. Cards and giftsf. “ Happy birthday”g. The milestoneHome workDo all the tasks on workbookLearn by heart all new workPrepare next lessonThanks for your attention

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