Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 3: At home

Singular, countable noun.

Ex: a table, a bed, a party, a girl .

What a lovely girl!

What a big table!

What an interesting book!




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Unit 3: AT HOMELesson 2: A 2 & 3I. Check -upWhat is it in English ?II. New Lesson1. New wordsComplaint (n)Compliments (n)Wet (a)Closet (n)A lamp (n)A bed (n)A dress (n) A newspaper (n)2. ExclamationsSingular, countable noun.Ex: a table, a bed, a party, a girl .What a lovely girl!What a big table!What an interesting book!WHAT+ A/AN + ADJ + N c,s!b. Plural, countable noun.Ex: tables, books, girls..What lovely girls!What big tables!What interesting books! WHAT + ADJ + N (c, p)!c. Uncountable noun.Ex: milk, soup, weather..What cheap milk!What delicious soup!What awful weather!WHAT + ADJ + unc.N!d. How to change.The boy is naughty.The movie is boring.The girls are beautiful.They are good students.The water is so hot.The air is so fresh.3. Describe a roomLook at the pictureIs there a picture?Where is it?Are there any books?Where are they?Is there a dog?Where is it?III. Home workStudy the new words by heartPractice the exclamationsComplete the exercises APrepare for the coming lesson.

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