Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 3: At Home

a) Hoa and Lan talk about:livingroom,

bathroom and kitchen

b)Because,It is beautiful

c)It has a sink,a tub and a shower

d)It has washing machine,dryer,



e)There are five room in your house

f)It has two table,bad,book shelf


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Lop 7bGV: Nguyen Thi Hong PhuongTruong THCS Tran Quoc ToanLesson1:A1(P29)A:What a lovely home!Unit 3: At Home A barthroom: phong tamA kitchen: phong bepA sink: bon rua matA washing machine: may giatA dishwasher: may rua batA dryer: may sayA tub: bon tamA refrigeration: tu lanh I.Vocabulary1.Listen and repeat2. T and FII. Dialogue2. T and F T Fa)There is a television b)There is a washing machinec)There is sinkd)There are some chairse)There is a refrigerationf)There are two picture2. T and F T Fa)There is a television Vb)There is washing machine Vc)There is sink Vd)There are some chairs Ve)There is refirigeration Vf)There are two picture Va) Hoa and Lan talk about:livingroom,bathroom and kitchenb)Because,It is beautifulc)It has a sink,a tub and a showerd)It has washing machine,dryer,refrigeration ABOUT YOUe)There are five room in your housef)It has two table,bad,book shelf3. Answer the questionSEE YOU LATEGOOD BYE

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