Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 4: Our part

People used to work hard all the time

There didn’t use to be electricity in the home.

People used to walk to travel.


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Goodmorning class! Chµo mõng quý thÇy c« gi¸o vÒ dù giê Líp 8dTr­êng THCS Minh T©nUnit 4Our partSpeak and listenMonday, October 4 2010thI/ Speak Look at the pictures. Talk about the way things used to be and the way they are now.WORK WITH A PARTNER. People used to live in small houses.Now they live in big houses and buildingsModel:PastNowPeople used to work hard all the time There didn’t use to be electricity in the home. People used to walk to travel. Now, they have a lot of time for entertainment.Now, they go to school.Now there is electricity everywhere.Now they can go by car or motorbike.Children used to stay at home. There didn’t any stoveThere didn’t any TVNow, there are a lot of stoves.People used to wear traditional clothes. Now, they wear modern clothes.Now, there are a lot of TV.2. Now tell your partner about things you used to do last year.Model: Last year I used to get up late.Now, I get up earlier and do morning exercises.Last year/Work / by bikeNow/ Work / by carb)Last year he used to work by bikeNow he goes to work by carLast year/listen to music.Now/ study hardlyLast year he used to listen to musicNow he studies hardlyLast year/my father/watch TVNow/ he /read newspaperLast year myfather used to watch TVNow he reads newspaperLast yearNowLast yearNow1122Listen to the story and write the letter of the most suitable moral lesson. II / Listen I. NEW WORDSfoolish (adj):ngốc nghếch.greedy (adj):tham lam. lay/ laid (v):đẻ trứng .sell/ sold (v):báncut open (v):mổ. Once a farmer lived a comfortable life with his family. His chickens laid many eggs which the farmer used to sell to buy food and clothing for his family. One day, he went to collect the eggs and discovered one of the chickens laid a gold egg. He shouted excitedly to his wife, “We’re rich! We’re rich!” His wife ran to him and they both looked at the egg in amazement. The wife wanted more, so her husband decided to cut open all the chickens and find more gold eggs. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any eggs. When he finished all, the chickens were dead. There were no more eggs of any kind for the foolish farmer and his greedy wife. READTAPE TRANSCRI PT:1. A farmer lived a hard life with his family. 2. His chickens laid many eggs.3. One of his chicken laid a gold egg.4. He cut open all the chicken to find more gold eggs.5.There were some more gold eggs for the farmer.True or False?(He had a comfortable life.)( There were no more eggs).TFTTFa) Don’t kill the children.b) Don’t be foolish and greedy.c) Be happy with what you have.d) It’s difficult to find gold.READb) Don’t be foolish and greedy.Choose the most suitable moral lesson:HOMEWORK :Do Ex 1, 2, 3 ( page 27–28 workbook )Prepare : read ( page 41–42 )Thank you for your attention!Good bye!

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