Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 6: Future jobs - Lesson 1: Reading

wearing casual clothes

feeling nervous

feeling self-confident

avoiding difficult questions


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WELCOME TO OUR CLASS TODAY!GROUP 12 BWARM - UPPicture 1	Picture 2 	A taxi driver	 A teacherPicture 3	Picture 4	 	 A dentist	 A farmerA dentistA taxi driverA teacherA farmerWho are they?A taxi driverA teacherUNIT 6: FUTURE JOBSLesson 1: READINGPeriod: 31* Vocabulary:pressure (unc) a candidate (n)enthusiasm (unc): sức ép, áp lực: người xin việc, người dự thi.: tập trung: sự hăng hái, nhiệt tìnhstressful ( adj. ) : gaKeenness (n ) : gaConcentrate (v )Tick () the factors that you think would help you to succeed in a job interview. wearing casual clothes feeling self-confident feeling nervous giving clear, honest answers having a good sense of humour. avoiding difficult questions4. jot down 	Task 1: These words are from the passage. Look back to the text and circle the best meanings (A,B,C)1. vacancy 	 A. a part of a newspaper where jobs are advertised B. a job that is available C. a seat that is available2. résumé 	 A. a photocopy of academic certificates B. a letter of recommendation C. a short written account of someone’s education and previous jobs3. keenness 	 A. a special interest B. very quick understanding C. sense of responsibilityB. note downC. typeA. Mention1. Try to reduce the feeling of pressure and make a good impression on your interviewer 8. Remember to say goodbye to the interviewer before leaving the interview.2. Find out as much information as you can about the job and the vacancy.3. Bring with you a letter of application and your résumés to the interview.4. Take all your certificates and letters of recommendation with you.5. Remember to dress neatly and formally.6. Your voice should be clear and polite.7. Tell the interviewer about your shortcomingsTask 2: Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F)TF1. Help you reduce the feeling of pressure and create a good impression on your interviewer3. Send a letter of application and your résumés to the company 6. Your answers should be clear, polite and honest.7. Always show your best side, your keenness to work and your sense of responsibilityDecide the following phrases belong to Before the Interview (write B), During the Interview (write D) or After the Interview (write A)1. ____ show enthusiasm2. ____ jot down your qualification and experiences3. ____ think about the interview’s comments4. ____ send a letter of application5. ____ not to be too disappointed if you aren’t chosen6. ____ bring your school certificates7. ____ concentrate on what the interviewer says8. ____ bring letter of recommendation9. ____ have clear, polite and honest answersDBABABDBDHOMEWORK: Learn new words and read the text aloud Prepare for SPEAKING lesson!See You AgainTHANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION

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