Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 6: Future jobs - Part: Listening

create imaginary characters and events

find good and safe hotels for customers

take people to places of interest

construct irrigation system

apply new farming method

help save people’s live

tell stories through pictures



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Unit 6: FUTURE JOBS Part: ListeningCompetition Game “ Look at the pictures and describe the jobs. The group having the most correct answers will be the winner”Task 1Match a join in A with at least two descriptions in BABa doctora farmera tourist guidea writertake care of people’s healthcreate imaginary characters and eventsfind good and safe hotels for customerstake people to places of interestconstruct irrigation systemapply new farming methodhelp save people’s livetell stories through picturesNew words:Imaginary (a): not real, ideal

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