Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 8: The story of my village

- coast [koust] (n)

- resort [ri:'zɔ:t] (n)

- atmosphere ['ætməsfiə] (n)

- instead [in'sted] (pre)

- resurface [,ri:'sə:fis] (v)

- replace [ri'pleis] (v)

- restaurant (n) (['restrɔnt]


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Warm up :Unit 8The story of my villageC- ListeningLook at the pictures and answer the questions:- Are these two pictures the same or different?- How are they different? Which of them is more beautiful? (road/ houses/ ground/trees)In the pastNowNew words:- coast [koust] (n)- resort [ri:'zɔ:t] (n)- atmosphere ['ætməsfiə] (n)- instead [in'sted] (pre)- resurface [,ri:'sə:fis] (v)- replace [ri'pleis] (v)- restaurant (n) (['restrɔnt]bờ biểnnơi nghỉ dưỡngbầu không khíthay vìlàm lại bề mặtthay thếnhà hàng- Have you ever heard of “Popfferrow”?- What is it?- Where is it?Task 1. Decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F)1. Popfferrow is on the west coast of England.- It is on the south coast of England.2. Popfferow used to be a tourist resort.- It is used to be a small quiet town.3. The town no longer has its old atmosphere.4. There are more green trees in the town now	than there used to be.- A lot of trees have been cut down for wider streets.5. Everybody in the town likes its changes.- Some people don't like its changes, they miss the quiet and peaceful life of the town.TFTask 2. Listen to the task again, and write in the missing words The small old (1)________ have been pulled down, and tall buildings have been put there instead. They've also built a big (2)________ in the middle of the town. The narrow streets have been (3)_______ and resurfaced, so the big trees on the two sides of the streets have been(4)_____down. The large area of grass land in the suburbs of the town has been turned into an ugly (5)_____ park. Even the old corner (6)______ isn't there any more. It has been replaced by a big (7)__________ store. And there is an (8)_________ restaurant where there used to be and old tea shop.houseshotelwidenedcutcarshopdepartmentexpensiveDiscuss the changes in your own hometown or home village.* Useful languages:used tothere is/ arethere used to be/ there didn't used tohave/has donehave been/has been doneHomework.Write a passage (150 words) about the changes of your city. Thank you for your attention !

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