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1.She often goes to the .to pray because her religion is Islam.

 a.church b.pagoda c.temple d.mosque

2.Mary was really .by the beauty of Hanoi

 a.impress b.impression c.impressive d.impressed

3.The United States has a .of around 250 million.

 a.population b.seperation c.addition d.introduction

4.Mathematics and Literature are subject in high school.

 a.adding b.compulsory c.optional d.religious

5.Don’t forget to add sugar to the mixture. This .is important.

 a.add b.addition c.additional d.additionally

6.Viet nam people are very .and hospitable.

 a.friend b.friendless c.friendly d.friendship

7.They were welcomed by friendly in Viet nam.


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 ..(1) English, we can go to any countries we like. We will not find it hard to people understand ..(2) we want to say. English also help us to learn all kinds ..(3). Hundreds of books are (4) in English aevery day in .(5) countries. English has also helped to spread ideas and knowledge ..(6) all coneres of the world. Yherefore, the English language has helped to spread better .(7) and ..(8) among countries in the world.
 	Like other languages, English is always changing, but it changes very slowly. People invent new words, borrow words from other languages and change the meaning of words as needed. For example, the English word “byte” was invented by computer specialist in 1959. The word “tomato” was borrowed from Nahuati, an American Indian language spoken in Mexico. The word “meat” once referred to food in general. People learn English as well as languages by listening, copying what they hear, and using the language. Most school children learn their first language easily and sometimes other languages as well.
Are the following statements true ( T ) or false ( F )
.English is changing very quickly. 
Some English words are borrowed from other languages. 
Some English words are invented by computers. 
“Meat” mean food in general. 
One of the way to learn English is copying what you hear. 
It is not easy for children to learn their first language. 
“ I am happy to see you” Aunt Xuan said
Aunt Xuan said she 
“ This birthday cake is delicious” Uncle Hung said
Uncle said this birthday cake 
“ I love these roses” Miss Nga said
Miss Nga said she 
“ I’m having a wonderful time before? Cousin Mai said”
Cousin Mai said she ..
“ I must leave now” Mr Quang said
Mr Quang said he .
“ Do you like pop music? She said to me 
She asked me if / whether 
“ Is your school near you’re here? She said to me
She aksed me .
“ Do you go to school by bike? Lan told Nga
Lan asked Nga ..
“ Can you use a computer? Hoa said to Huy
Hoa aksed Huy .
“ How old are you?” He said to me
He asked me how old ..
“ Why do you want this job?” Peter told Maryan
Peter asked Maryan ..
“ Where do you live?” I said to him
I asked him 
1.Who told you of the news? The .may be not correct.
	a.inform	b.information	c.informational	d.infomative
2.She thinks chatting on the Internet is time ..
	a.consume	b.consumer	c.consuming	d.consumption
3.The cost of .is very high in big city
	a.live	b.living	c.lived	d.life
4.The next stage in the development of television is .
	a.interact	b.interaction	c.interactive	d.interactively
5.Remote controls are used to ..with TV
	a.interact	b.interaction	c.interactive	d.interactively
6.Can you tell me who this kind of machine?
	a.invevted	b.invetion	c.inventor	d.inventive
7.He thinks that .on the internet is a waste of time.
	a.chatting	b.to chatting	c.chating	d.to chating
8.There is an interesting ..about life in the Arctic
	a.news	b.documentary	c.service	d.entertainment
9.I can also with my friends and relatives by e-mail or chatting
	a.communicate	b.communication	c.communicative	d.communicated
10.Your teacher writes poems or stories, .she?
	a.don’t	b.won’t	c.didn’t	d.doesn’t
11.You don’t like playing computer games, .you?
	a.does	b.do	c.will	d.did
12.You have read this article on the website, ?
	a.don’t you	b.won’t you	c.haven’t you	d.didn’t you
13.Baird produced the fisrt TV picture in 1926, ?
	a.doesn’t he	b.didn’t he	c.don’t he	d.wasn’t he
14.We are going to have cable TV soon, .
	a.aren’t we	b.don’t we	c.haven’t we	d.weren’t we
15.Email can be sent and received at any hour the day, .?
	a.can they	b.can it	c.can’t it	can’t they
16.Let’s dance together, .? The party is so wonderful.
	a.shall we	b.shan’t we	c.will you 	d.won’t you
17.Lan will come here tomorrow, ..?
	a.will she	b.won’t she	c.will he	d.won’t he
18.Nobody liked the film, .?
	a.did they	b.didn’t they	c.did it	d.didn’t it
1.My father likes ..sports but my mother doesn’t .( watch )
2.I enjoy ..games but my sister doesn’t. ( play )
3.My grandfather dislikes .advertisements. ( read )
4.My brother hates letters. ( write )
5.My mother loves ...to music .( listen )
6.You should practice ..English everyday. ( speak )
7.I remember .her somewhere. ( see )
8.I suggest home.( go )
9.Would you mind .the radio down?( turn )
10.Let’s ..for the meal. ( pay )
11.Tom used to in the house at the end of this street. ( live )
12.What about .Ha Long Bay? ( visit )
13.They spend all morning the lessons. ( learn )
14.Don’t forget ..the letter for me! I won’t ( send )
15.I am looking forward to from you. ( hear )
16.I am fond of ..stamps. ( collect )
Viruses – way – means – entertainment – Internet – users – use - consuming
	The Internet has rapidly developed and become part of our daily lif. It’s a very fast and convevient (1) to get information. People (2) the Internet for many purposes: education, communication, (3) and commerce. The (4) helps people communicate with friends and relatives by (5) of email or chatting. 
	However, the internet has limitations. It is time ..(6) and costly. It is also dangerous because of (7) and bad programs. On the other hand, the Internet (8) sometimes have to suffer various risks such as spam or electronic junk mail, and personal information leaking. So while enjoying surfing, be alert!
1.People have used the Internet all over the world.
-> The Internet has ..
2.What about going to the cinema tonight?
-> Shall we ..
3. “Why don’t you go with me?” , he aksed me
-> He asked me why ..
4. “ I will go to Hue tomorrow” Mr.Chi said 
-> Mr. Chi said 
5.Alexander G. Bell invented the telephone 1847
-> The telephone 
6. “ When does your school start?” She asked me
-> She asked me when 
7. “ Can you speak Chinese?” he said to me
-> He aksed me if / whether 
8.We can solve the problem
-> The problem 
9.I last saw him two years ago.
-> I haven’t .
10.Maryan doesn’t have a longer vacation in Viet Nam.
-> Maryan wishes she .
1.She was really.. by the beauty of the city
	a.impressed	b.impressed	c.impression	d.impressive
2.This test must be done ..
	a.carefully	b.care	c.careful	d.careless
3.He is a famous ..
	a.poetry	b.poem	c.poet	d.poetic
4.The Malaysian unit of currency is the ..
	a.ringgit	b.baht	c.rial	d.yen
5.Many ..come to Ho Chi Minh’ Mausoleum every day.
	a.visit	b.visiters	c.visitors	d.visiting
6.The national language in Malaysia is 
	a.Chinese	b.English	c.Malay	d.Tamil
7.Vietnamese woman today prefer to wear modern clothing at work because it’s more ..
	a.convevience	b.inconvenience	c.convenient	d.inconvenient
8.He is an ..of Viet Nam News office
	a.edit	b.editor	c.edition	d.editorial
9.This school has ..reputation
	a.excel	b.excellently	c.excellence	d.excellent
10.It was an day.
	a.enjoy	b.enjoyment	c.enjoyable	d.enjoyably
11.He feeds the chickens and their eggs.
	a.collects	b.collections	c.collective	d.collectors
12.They walked .half an hour to reach the waterfall.
	a.to	b.at	c.in	d.for
13.They will hold SEA GAMES 22 Philippines
	a.from	b.in	c.at	d.on
14.The telephone was invented Alexander Bell.
	a.with	b.on	c.by	d.from
15.He will be in Singapore from Monday Thursday
	a.in	b.up to	c.at	d.on
16.The ..language ii Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia
	a.nation	b.national	c.internation	d.international
17.The words jeans come from a kind of material that was made in .
	a.Asia	b.Africa	c.America	d.Europe
18.Nguyen Du is a famous in Viet Nam
	a.musician	b.designer	c.correspondent	d.poet
19.You must be .when doing the test.
	a.carefully	b.care	c.careful	d.careless
20.It’s too .to call anyone at night.
	a.convenience	b.inconvenience	c.convenient	d.inconvenient
21.Jeans .all over the world
	a.sell	b.sold	c.is sold	d.are sold
22.I can’t go to the movies with you if it .heavily
	a.rained	b.rains	c.rain	d.raining
23.He wishes he .English well
	a.learns	b.can learn	c.learnt	d.will learn
24.You should do morning exercise to ..good health
	a.enjoy	b.enjoyment	c.enjoyable	d.enjoyably
25.He has a fine stamp .
	a.collect	b.collection	c.collector	d.collective
26.The of video games become very rich
	a.players	b.inventors	c.builders	d.workers
27.We will be there ..5 o’clock early the morning
	a.in / on	b.on / in	c.at / in	d.in / at
28.I wish she next examination
	a.passed	b.will pass	c.passes	d.would pass
29.How long ..her brothers and sisters? For three month
	a.do you know	b.did you know	c.have you known	d.will you know
30.The cake has been into four pieces
	a.seperated	b.divided	c.consisted	d.made
1.Maryan .Ha Noi last year. ( visit )
2.I wish I ..a doctor. ( be )
3.He used to .to the cinema with me. ( go )
4.This car was ..last week ( buy )
5.He wishes he .to Malaysia next year. ( go )
6.If you ..here on time, you can meet him. ( come )
7.I wish you noise in class. ( not make )
8.She must study hard if she.to pass the final exam. ( want )
9.We English for three years. ( learn )
10.She asked me if I pop music. ( like )
1.He often played the piano at night
-> He used to 
2.They built this house last month.
-> This house 
3.She doesn’t go to Chine with us 
-> We wish ..
4.People should stop experiments on animals
-> Experiments on animals ..
5.She aksed him, “ What is your name?”
-> She asked him .
6.They said to him, “We must finish these works on time”
-> They told him that ..
7.I asked him, “Why don’t you come here to meet her?”
-> I asked him.
8.He said to me, “I will be very busy today”
-> He told me that 
9. “ Can you speak English?” Mr.Brow asked
-> Mr. Brow asked me .
10.It’s a pity; I can’t play the piano
-> I wish .
11.Someone has stolen my bike.
-> My bike .
12. “ What do you usually do in your free time?” The examiner asked
-> The examiner asked me 
Order – love – especially – among – subjects – consists – operated - it
J.	Nowadays, informatics is one of the compulsory ..(1) in many large school in our city. My school is (2) those that have just been equipped with a rather modern computer system. This system ..(3) of 20 machines linked to the Internet and (4) by Windows XP. All the students in my school ..(5) doing this new subject because (6) has helped us very much in learning other ones, .(7) English. By using effective tools on thr Internet, like Google, we can easily find necessary data in (8) to do a better job in our study.
Much – stay – improve – communication – adults – courses – especially - around
J.	Millions of people (1) the world want to learn English. Many of them go to the US and other English speaking countries to study at language school, ..(2) in the summer. Ther are thousands of schools. They offer ..(3) for children, teenagers and ..(4) .
If you go to a language school, you should try to speak English as ..(5) as possible. Students can (6) with a local family. This is a good opportunity to (7) your English and to learn a lot about everyday life. You should try to talk to students from other countries. This will help you with your English and will also show how important English is for international ..(8)
Viewers – foreign – more – watch – important – sporting – from – out
J.	Television is one of man’s most ..(1) means of communication. It brings events and sounds (2) around the world into millions of houses. A person with a television set can sit in his house and ..(3) the President making a speech or visit a .(4) country. Through television, home (5) can see and learn about people, places, and things all over the world. TV even takes its viewers .(6) of this world. It brings them of the lauching a sputnik into space.
	In fact, TV provides .(7) entertainment programs than any other kind. The programs include action-packed dramas, light comedies .(8) events and motion pictures.
1.Nguyen Du is one of the famous of Viet Nam ( poem )
2.Your father ia a ., isn’t he ? ( music )
3.Ao Dai is the .dress of Vietnamses woman ( tradition ) 
4.Do you think we should ..our house. ( modern )
5.My mother is working for the bank in Ha Noi.( nation )
6.You should read the .before using machine. ( instruct )
7.Many designers have taken ..from Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. ( inspire )
8.He has a fine stamp ..( collect )
9.This school has excellent ..( repute )
10.Please phone this number for more .( inform )
1..Hoa worked hard, 
2..It was hot, 
3..Nga is sick today, 
4..Na woke up late, 
5..The new camera didn’t work, 
a.so I turned on the air conditioner
b.so she did’t have time for breakfast
c.so Mrs. Robinson took it back to the shop
d.so she won’t go to school
e.so she passed her exam.
1.They shouted and looked at me when I broke the vase.
	a.angry	b.angrier	c.angrily	d.anger
2.He is tired ............he stayed up late watching TV.
	a.so	b.because	c.but	d.and
3.We are talking about the preservation of resources.
	a.natural	b.naturally	c.nature	d.naturalize
4.Is he really ..that you can come there.
	a.disappoint	b.disappointed	c.disappointing	d.to disappointing
5.It is our policy to ..foresta and increase forestation.
	a.protect	b.protecting	c.to protect	c.protected
6.I suggest to the movies.
	a.go	b.to go	c.going	d.went
7.They made their living by ..fish in the ocean every day.
	a.catch	b.catching	c.to catch	d.caught
8.I will be .if she manages tio sell that motorbike at a high price
	a.surprise	b.surprised	c.suprising	d.to surprise
9.If you know where she lives, please let me 
	a.know	b.knew	c.known	d.to know
10.If you live in this small town, you ..earn much money.
	a.aren’t	b.couldn’t	c.can’t	d.didn’t
11.Unless you understand, I ..explain it again to you 
	a.am	b.was	c.will	d.would	
12.If he a student.He ưill get a discount.
	a.is	b.was	c.were	d.will be
13.Because plastic bags are very hard to .They will cause pollution
	a.dissolve	b.wrap	c.tear	d.collect
14.These materials can be ..into other packaging products.
	a.reused	b.reduced	c.removed	d.recycled
15.If people .public transport, there will be less pollution.
	a.use	b.will use	c.can use	d.used
16.Minh’s English is excellent. He speaks ..
	a.perfectly English	b.English perfectly	c.in perfect English	d.English perfect
17.Ìf you go ..doing that and you’ll end ..in serious trouble.
	a.up/ with	b.on/ up	c.off/ with	d.out/ up
18.Crops are sprayed with .to kill insects.
	a.fertilizer	b.manune	c.dung	d.pesticide
19.What about used paper, bottles, cans everyday?
	a.collect	b.collecting	c.to collect	d.to collecting
20.If the sea water continue to be polluted, many fish species .extinct.
	a.became	b.will become	c.would become	d.become
1.The teacher divided class four groups.
2.He provide us .a lot of useful information.
3.The ground is covered trash. You should clear .all the trash.
4.Raw sewage is pumped directly .the sea.
5.They are trying to save the animals extinction.
6.The world will end .like a second-hand junk-yard.
7.I am looking forward ..hearing from you.
8.Don’t throw trash the water.
1.If the rice padddies are polluted, the rice plants ( die )
2.If we ..on littering, the environment will become seriously polluted.( go )
3.What .they  if they work hard today? ( achieve )
4.If you .a chance to study in a foreign country, just take it. ( get )
5.Plants .if they don’t get the sun and water. ( die )
6.I am looking forword to from you ( hear )
7.I suggest by bus. ( travel )
8.If you don’t study harder, you ..the final exam. ( not pass )
9.She terribly sorry if he dies. ( feel )
10.Go with me and Iyou my new car. ( show )
2..end up
a.a row of thiengs forming a fence
c.a piece of land full of rubbish
d.a flow of water
e.mass of bubbles of air or gas
f.valuable or precious things
g.reach a state of
1.The air in the city is very ( pollute )
2.Please listen to the lecture ..( care )
3.If the ..continues, what will happen? ( pollute )
4.He was ..that they were not coming. ( disappoint )
5.He is going to all the bags. ( collection )
6.We’ll make this beach clean and ..again. ( beauty )
Countries – polluted – land – water – rivers – people – garbage – sea
Our oceans are becoming extremely (1). Most of this pollution comes from the land, which means it comes from .(2). Firstly, there is raw sewage, which is pumped directly into the sea. Many .(3), both developed and developing, are guilty of doing this. Secondly, ships drop about 6 millions tons of ..(4) into the sea each year. Thirdly, there are oil spills from ships. A ship has an accident and oil leaks from the vessel. This not only pollutes the .(5), but it also kills marine life. Next, there are waste materials from factories. Without proper regulations, factory owners let the waste run directly into the .(6), which then leads to the .(7). And finally, oil is washed from the ..(8). This can be the result of carelessness or a deliberate dumping of waste.
1.Why don’t we go for a picnic on the weekend?
-> Let’s .
2.Let’s go to work by bus.
-> What about .
3.Nga is a good English speaker.
->Nga speaks .
4.Unless you get a visa. You can’t visit the United States.
-> If you .
5.If you don’t suceed, you’ll have to try it again.
-> Unless 
6.I suggest collecting unused clothes.
-> Let’s ..
7.She failed in the exam because she was lazy.( because of + noun phrase )
-> .
8.Ba is tired. He stayed up late watching TV. ( because )
9.Hoa broke the cup. She was careless. ( since )
10.We were disappointed. She didn’t keep her promise. ( Adj + that )
1.Can you turn ..the light? It’s too dark.
	a.on	b.off	c.in	d.for
2.I suggest ..showers.
	a.take	b.taking	c.to take	d.to taking
3.What are you looking ..? My picture book. I’ve lost it.
	a.on	b.off	c.in	d.for
4.A new air-conditioner will be .this morning.
	a.to intall	b.installed	c.installing	d.install
5.Scientists are looking for an ..way to reduce enegy consumption.
	a.effect	b.effection	c.effective	d.effectively
6.They are completely short of water now.A number of people have died because of this 
	a.shortage	b.short	c.shorten	d.shortly
7.If you want to save money, you should the amount of water your family uses.
	a.increase	b.reduce	c.adapt	d.repair
8.In order to save electricity, an ordinary 100-watt light bulb can be replaced by ..
	a.an energy-saving bulb	b.an energy-save bulb	c.a saving energy bulb	d.a save-energy bulb
9.You should get a (n).to make sure there are no cracks in the pipes.
	a.plumber	b.mechanic	c.electrician	d.consumer
10.take the train instead of the bus? It’s faster.
	a.Why not	b.Why don’t	c.How about	d.Let’s
11.If we ..less paper, we ..in the forests.
	a.used/ will save	b.will use/ can save	c.can use/ save	d.use/ can
12.She won’t take all the suitcases ..she likes to traval light.
	a.so	b.but	c.because	d.therefore
13.She is very tired; .., she has to finish her homework.
	a.moreover	b.so	c.and	d.however
14.Is he an actor ..a singer? An actor
a.and	b.or	c.with	d.so
15.He was tired, he took a rest before continuing the work.
	a.so	b.and	c.but	d.if
16.Who looks your children when you are away from home?
	a.for	b.at	c.after	d.to
17.Why doesn’t she go with her uni

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