English 7 - Preiod 18: Language focus 1

a) Ba (be) _____ my friend. He (live) _____ in Ha Noi with his mother, father and elder sister. His parents (be) ______ teachers. Ba (go) _____ to Quang Trung School.

b) Lan and Nga (be) _____ in class 7A. They (eat) _____ lunch together. After school, Lan (ride) _____ her bike home and Nga (catch) ______ the bus.


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KIẾN HƯNG TRƯỜNG THCS Người thực hiện: Nguyễn Thị Hồng VânEnglish 7Preiod 18: Language focus 11. Present simple tenseS + be + adj/ job/ age- I go to school at 7.00- She goes to school on foot S + V(s,es) + O- We are students and in class 7APeriod 18: Language focus 1Complete the passages using the verbs in bracketsa) Ba (be) _____ my friend. He (live) _____ in Ha Noi with his mother, father and elder sister. His parents (be) ______ teachers. Ba (go) _____ to Quang Trung School.livesisaregoesPeriod 18: Language focus 1b) Lan and Nga (be) _____ in class 7A. They (eat) _____ lunch together. After school, Lan (ride) _____ her bike home and Nga (catch) ______ the bus. areeatridescatchesPeriod 18: Language focus 12. Future simple tenseS + will + V(-to) + OS + will not (won’t) + V(-to) + OHe will go to the post office, but he won’t call BaPeriod 18: Language focus 13/ tidy yard (x)12345678Lucky numberHe won’t tidy the yard. 2/ do homework (v)He will do his homework.6/ watch TV (x)He won’t watch TV4/ see movie (v) He will see a movie. 8/ meet Minh (x)He won’t meet Minh.Congratulations !0Lion12111098765432100Tiger1211109876543210Period 18: Language focus 13. Ordinal numbersSoccer team Points Position Thang LoiThanh CongTien PhongDoan KetHong HaPhuong DongThang Long26252329341936_____ (4)_____ (5)_____ (6)_____ (3)_____ (2)_____ (7) first (1)thirdsecondfourthsixthfifthseventhPeriod 18: Language focus 14. Prepositionson	in front of	 under	behind	next toPeriod 18: Language focus 1It’s under the tablePeriod 18: Language focus 1It’s in front of the chairPeriod 18: Language focus 1It’s behind the TVPeriod 18: Language focus 1It’s next to the bookcasePeriod 18: Language focus 1It’s on the couchPeriod 18: Language focus 15. Adjectivescheap	expensive	good	strongPeriod 18: Language focus 1* Comparative:S1 + be + more + long adj + than + S2S1 + be + short adj – er + than + S2Hung is taller than NgocDiep is more beautiful than HangPeriod 18: Language focus 1* Superlative:S + be + the + short adj - estLan is the tallest student in my classS + be + the + most + long adjLan is the most beautiful in my classPeriod 18: Language focus 1* Irregular adjectives:Good 	– better 	– the bestBad 	– worse 	– the worstMuch/many 	– more 	– the mostLittle 	– less 	– the leastFar 	– farther 	– the farthestPeriod 18: Language focus 1a). A is a cheap toy, and B is cheaper but C is the cheapestPeriod 18: Language focus 1b). A is an expensive dress, and B is more expensive - but C is the most expensivePeriod 18: Language focus 1c). A is a good student, and B is betterbut C is the best.Period 18: Language focus 1d) A is strong and B is strongerbut C is the strongest.Period 18: Language focus 16. Occupationsa). He fights fires. He is very braveWhat is his job? He is a firemanb) She works in a hospital. She makes sick people wellWhat is her job?She is a doctorPeriod 18: Language focus 1c) She works in a school.She teaches students.What is his job?She is a teacherd) He lives in the countryside.He grows vegetables.What is her job?He is a farmerPeriod 18: Language focus 17. Is there a?/Are there any?Minh: Is there a lamp?Hoa: Yes, there is. Are there any pictures?Minh: No, there aren’tPeriod 18: Language focus 1______ there ______ books? ______, there ______b) _____ there ______ armchairs? _____, there ______c) _____ there ______ telephone? _____, there ______d) _____ there ______ flowers? _____, there ______AreanyYesareAreanyNoaren’tIsaNoisn’tAreanyYesarePeriod 18: Language focus 18. Question words:Period 18: Language focus 1- What is his name?His name is Pham Trung HungPeriod 18: Language focus 1- How old is he?He is 25 years oldPeriod 18: Language focus 1- Where does he live ?He lives at 34 Nguyen Bieu Street, Hai PhongPeriod 18: Language focus 1- What is his job ?He is an office managerPeriod 18: Language focus 1* 9. Remember:- Present simple tense- Future simple tense- Comparative and superlative- Occupations- Is there a?/Are there any?- Question words:Period 18: Language focus 1* 10. Homework:- Learn tenses and structures- Prepare the test ( 45’)- Give an example for each structuresGOODBYESEE YOU AGAIN

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