Kỳ thi chọn đội tuyển dự thi học sinh giỏi quốc gia lớp 12 THPT môn: Tiếng Anh

I- Complete the following sentences with a correct preposition. (15 points)

1. There are many advantages being able to speak a foreign language.

2. Do you think you could go .this work with me some time, Peter ?

3. His father doesnt have much influence .him.

4. The meeting broke after three hours and everyone went for drink.

5. Sorry I havent written to you for so long. The reason . this is that Ive been ill recently.

6. Carol doesnt have a very good relationship .her sister.

7. Many young people become addicted .drugs through ignorance.

8. Helen had great admiration .her history teacher.

9. My hands were blue .cold when I got home.

10. Id like to exchange this car a new model but I cant afford it.

11. The party went on . dawn.

12. Your lungs are .your chest, and your ribs are .your lungs.

13. Its easy to get drunk brandy.


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 Sở Giáo Dục và Đào Tạo Kỳ thi chọn đội tuyển 
 Thanh Hoá Dự thi học sinh giỏi quốc gia lớp 12 THPT
 Đề chính thức Năm học 2006 -2007 
 Số báo danh
 Môn : Tiếng Anh 
 Ngày thi : 02 / 11 / 2006 (Thời gian làm bài thi 180 phút)
 ( Đề này có 05 trang ) 
A. Grammar 
I- Complete the following sentences with a correct preposition. (15 points)
1. There are many advantages  being able to speak a foreign language.
2. Do you think you could go..this work with me some time, Peter ?
3. His father doesn’t have much influence ..him.
4. The meeting brokeafter three hours and everyone went for drink.
5. Sorry I haven’t written to you for so long. The reason .... this is that I’ve been ill recently.
6. Carol doesn’t have a very good relationship..her sister.
7. Many young people become addicted.drugs through ignorance.
8. Helen had great admiration.her history teacher.
9. My hands were blue..cold when I got home. 
10. I’d like to exchange this car  a new model but I can’t afford it.
11. The party went on . dawn. 
12. Your lungs are .your chest, and your ribs are .your lungs.
13. It’s easy to get drunk  brandy.
14. I’d like to be  on this scheme.
II. Use the correct form of verbs in brackets. (10 points)
How many of us know what our daily nutritional needs are? How many of us, when buying food at the shops, consider what the nutritional value of our purchases (1-be) ? A harassed mother will rush around the supermarket, (2- buy ) foods which are simple and quick (3- prepare). She will often buy foods which (4- advertise) on T.V or which (5- wrap ) attractively. Mothers (6- can - see ) leaving supermarkets with trolleys (7- pile ) high with “ junk foods” . Their families are eating far more calories than are good for them. Often they (8- overeat) on the protein side as well, by (9- eat) more meat than they need. Families spend money on food that (10- be ) unnecessary or even harmful. 
III. Give the correct form of words in brackets. (10 points)
Presents and present (1- give) should be fun. The whole idea of giving a present is that you should enjoy planning an especial pleasure and surprise for someone. The value of a present is the (2- little) important thing about it. What matters is that is a token of your love and appreciation of the person. Those who never give anything away, not even (3- sympathetic), are sure to be (4- disappoint) and (5- happiness) people.
 An ideal present should be something one will like and want, not just something you like. Everyone has simple tastes (6- expensive) to buy or easy to make. The (7- simplicity) present is often the most (8- appreciate). The most (9- success) present (10- give) I know shop all the year round for presents. They see just the right present for a friend, buy it then and there at once and put it away till it is wanted. In this case, I suggest you keep a list of suitable presents for your friends so that when the time comes, you can go out to buy something special. 
IV. Put a , an , the or nothing ( X ) in the blank. (15 points)
1. She would know.names of nearly all of .people who lived there.
2. You can’t treat Charles like .. child. He is.grown man.
3. It was  late afternoon and their shadows lay long across . road.
4. I have great admiration for him.
5. Can you give me..John’s coat, please ?
6. What is the World Bank doing to help..poor?
7. . breakfast we had at the hotel wasn’t very nice.
8. Can you play guitar?
9. I work for .company that makes carpets.
10. He took .cigar from his mouth and blew away.long line of .smoke.
V. Find out one mistake in each sentence and correct them. (5 points)
1. “ The shop cross the road is where I bought the flowers from” said Mary.
2. It was really surprise that those children survived the fire that destroyed all the houses.
3. If you try to concentrate on one subject for too long, you might fed-up and not really learn anything.
4. Not only cigarettes but alcohol is believed to be harmful to one’s health.
5. Caffeine in coffee is relative harmless if people drink it moderately.
B. Reading :
VI. Read the passage and do the exercises below. (5 points)
 Ogden Nash was a poet, storyteller, humorist, and philosopher. Born in Rye, New York, and raised in Savannah, Georgia, he tried but failed to adapt himself to the academic and later the business world. After attending Harvard University briefly, he became a mail clerk on Wall Street, later advancing to bond salesman. His first job as a writer was to produce advertising copy for streetcar cards. Then, in 1925, he joined the advertising department of Doubleday Page and Company, one of the largest publishing house in new York. Later, as a member of the editorial staff of “ The New Yorker” magazine, he began writing short poems.
 His verses are filled with humor and wry wit as well as the unexpected or improbable rhymes that have come to characterize them. One of his most famous is a two-line verse titled “ reflections on Ice- Breaking” in which he offers the following advise to young lovers : “Candy is candy, but liquor is quicker”. Beginning in1931, and extending over the next four decades. Nash produced nineteen books of poetry. During the same time period, he was a favorite contributor to many leading magazines, and his name became a household word.
1. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?
A. Poems in “ The New Yorker” , 	B. Humor in poetry 
 	C.The life and work of Ogden Nash 	D. Reflections on Ice- Breaking
2. Nash’s first job was as a
	A. mail clerk 	B. bond salesman 
 	C. writer of advertising copy	D. magazine writer
3. Nash is described as all of the following EXCEPT
 A. a humorist 	B. a popular poet 
	C. a prolific writer 	D. an alcoholic
4. In the second paragraph, what does Nash mean by “ liquor is quicker” ?
	A. Young people should be warned against drinking alcohol
	B. It is quicker to make alcohol than it is to make candy
	C. Eating candy lasts longer than drinking alcohol
	D. Alcohol promotes romantic feelings faster than candy does.
5. The word “ them” in line 10 refers to.
	A. rhymes 	B. verses 	C. editorial 	D. publishing house
 VII. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage with one suitable word. (15 points)
	Sometimes you just know thing about people the first time you see them- for example that you want to be friends with them or you don’t trust them. But perhaps this kind of intuition isn’t as hard to explain .1..it may seem. For instance, everybody give out body language signals.2the time. The ..3..you hold your body, head and arms tell people about your mood. If you hold your arms tightly at your sides..4..fold them across your chest, people will generally feel that you ..5being defensive. Holding your head on one side shows interest in the6..person, while.7..relaxed, “ open” posture indicates that you are self-confident. All this affects 8..we feel about someone.
 Also, a stranger may 9you of a previous meeting with someone. This may be because of .10as example as the fact that he or she is physically similar ..11.someone who treated you well or badly. But your reaction doesn’t12..to be the result of the memory of a person you previously met- your feeling about the stranger could 13..influenced by a smell in the air that brings to mind a place ..14.you were happy as a child. Since even a single word can bring back a memory ..15..as that, you may never realize it is happening.
VIII. Choose the best answer to complete sentence. (30 points)
1. Nor do I. She .me of a fox with her thin unpleasant face.
	A. thinks 	B. reminds 	C. remembers 	D. recollects.
2. Parents have no control .. their children these days.
	A. for 	B. over 	C. on 	D. with.
3. She is traveling to work by train today because her car is being .. 
	A. stopped 	B, broken 	C. serviced 	D. rented.
4. The film lasted three hours withof 15 minutes between part one and part two.
	A. an interval B. pause 	C. stop 	D. an interruption.
5. We fell over some pieces of wood ..lying around.
	A. leave 	B. leaves 	C. leaving 	D. left.
6. There is only one student in the classroom ..his lesson.
 	A. prepares 	B. to prepare 	C. was preparing 	D. preparing
7. Now my brother ..a car of his own.
	A. is having 	B. are having 	C. has 	D. had.
8. After he had broken his leg, Henry could only go up and down stairs.
	A. hardly 	B. in difficulties 	C. with difficulty 	D. hard.
9. The mouse family avoided ..by coming out only when the house was empty and the two cats were outside.
 A. catching 	B. to be caught 	C. being caught 	 D. to have been caught.
10. I .cakes for the whole morning. Would you like to have a piece?
 A. have been baking 	B. was baking 
	C. have been baked 	D. will be baking.
11. Children and old people do not take kindly to having their daily 
habit 	B. method 	C. routine 	D. custom 
12. They bought the land with a ..to build a new office block.
	A. view 	B. purpose 	C. goal 	D. reason
13. Have you taken ..a single word I’ve been saying to you?
over 	B. up 	C. in 	D. off.
14. the invention of the steam engine, most forms of transport were horse-drawn.
Akin to 	B. Prior to 	C. Inadition to 	D. With reference to.
15.Theof two houses proved such a financial burden that they were forced to sell one.
 A. upkeep 	B. upshot 	C. upsurge 	D. uproar
16. My husband’s continual .keeps me awake at night.
sneering 	B. snoorzing 	C. snarling 	D. snoring
17. There was a ..of brakes as the car took the corner too quickly.
squawk 	B. squelch 	C. screech 	D. scream
18. I’m afraid I’d rather ..about the existence of ghosts.
sceptical 	B. partial 	C. adaptable 	D. incapable
19. He was at the.of his career when he was assasinated.
pride 	B. height 	C. glamour 	D. power
20. My brother is really too kind; everybody takes of him.
profit 	B. advantage 	C. cost 	D. example.
21. One person..seven in the world speaks perfect English. 
from 	B. within 	C. for among 	D. out of.
22. It was at Ba Dinh Square..President Ho read the Declaration of Independence.
where 	B. which 	C. when 	D. that.
23. Is it necessary that I ..here tomorrow ?
were 	B. am being 	C. be 	D. would be.
24. He was lucky when he fell off the ladder. He. himself.
 A. had hurt 	B. should have hurt 	C. must have hurt 	D. could have hurt.
25. In my view the change to the education system have been to good. .
influence B. outcome 	C. upshot 	D. effect.
26. He always felt that he was living in the of his famous father.
dusk B. gloom 	C. shadow 	D. mist.
27. This song is not .as original as their previous ones.
almost B. virtually 	C. nearly 	D. practically.
28. He had such a bad stomachache that he was .with pain.
bent down B. folded over 	C. doubled up 	D. snapped off.
29. Linda wanted to be an actress, so when they offered her a part in the play, she..it.
burst into 	B. seized on 	C. ran after 	D. jumped.
30. She has fifty-five cats. I don’t know how she.them all.
	A. looks for 	B. stands by 	C. keeps to 	D. copes with. 
C. Writing :
 IX. Rewrite each of these sentences in such way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. (10 points)
1. I will marry her and I don’t care how old she is.
	- No matter. .
2. The people who are in group one will have to move to room 106 on the ground floor.
	- Those who.. .
3. I met him for the first time in 1985.
	- I hadn’t.. .
4. Rudyard Killing himself was the first English writer to whom the Nobel Prize was awarded.
	- It is 
5. What particularly impressed me was her excellent command of English.
	- I . 
6. These new machines have put an end to queuing.
	- Before these.. 
7. I didn’t know you were coming so I didn’t wait for you.
	- If .. 
8. When I picked up my pen I found that the nib had broken.
	- On  
9. The news that he would be going to university pleased him very much.
 	- The news of ... 
10. He felt ill to get up.
	- He did not .. 
X. (5 points)Write a paragraph of about 120 words on the following topic:
	 The Internet is making it easier to learn foreign language. 
 ------------------------The end ------------------------------
Sở Giáo Dục và Đào Tạo đáp án - Hướng dẫn chấm 
 Thanh Hoá	 Đề thi chọn đội tuyển dự thi 
 Học sinh giỏi quốc gia lớp 12 THPT
 Năm Học 2006 -2007 
 Môn : Tiếng Anh 
 Ngày thi : 2 / 11 / 2006
A- Đáp án
I. 	1. of	8. for
2. over	9. with
3. over	10. for
4. up	11. until
5. for	12. in/ inside- outside
6. with	13. on
7. to	14. in
II. 	1. is 	6. can be seen
2. buying	7. piled
3. to prepare	8. overeat / are overeating
4. have been advertised	9. eating
5. are wrapped	 10. is.
III. 	1. giving	 	6. inexpensive
2. least	7. simplest
3. sympathy	8. appreciated
4. disappointed	9. successful
5. unhappy	 10. givers
IV. 	1. the - the 	 	6. the
2. a - a	 	7. the
3. X - the	8. the 
4. X	 	9. a
5. X	 10. the - a - X
V. 	1. across	 	beyond	 
2. really surprise 	 	such a surprising 
 	3. might fed up	 may be tired	
4. but alcohol	 	but also alcohol	
 	5. relative	 	relatively.
VI. 1. C	2. A	3. D	4. D	5. B
VII. 	1. as 	6.other	11. to
2.all	 	7.a	12.have / need
3.way	 	8.how / what 	13. be 
4.or	 	9. remind 	14. where
5.are	 	10.something	15. such.
1.B	 	6.D	11.C	16. D	21. D	26. C	
2.B	 	7.C 	12. A	17. C	22. D	27. C
3.C	 	8.C 	13. C	18. A	23. C	28. C
4.A	 	9.C 	14. B	19. B	24. C	29. D
5.D	 	10.A 	15. A 	20. B 	25. D 	30. D	 	 
1. No matter how old she is, I will marry her.
2. Those who are in group one will have to move to room 106 on the ground floor.
3. I hadn’t met him until 1985.
4. It is Redyard Kipling who the first English writer to who the Nobel Prize was awarded.
5. I was particularly impressed by her excellent command of English.
6. Before these machines were invented people had to queue.
7. If I had known you were coming, I would have waited for you.
8. On picking up my pen , I found that the nib had broken.
9. The news of his going to university pleased him very much.
10. He didn’t feel well enough to get up.
X- ( 5 points )
Giám khảo thống nhất để cho điểm, yêu cầu lưu ý.
 1. Organization : Bố cục rõ ràng , đủ ba phần ( mở bài, thân bài, kết luận )
 2. Ideas : ý hay, phong phú biểu đạt nội dung có liên quan chặt chẽ đến yêu cầu chủ đề của đề thi.
 3. Discourse : Thể hiện khả năng viết mạch lạc, chặt chẽ nối kết câu và có chuyển mạch tốt.
 4. Length : Đảm bảo đủ số lượng từ theo yêu cầu của đề, không được dài hoặc ngắn hơn nhiều.
B- Hướng dẫn chấm:
 Mỗi từ hoặc câu đúng ( trong các câu I đến câu VIII ) được 1 điểm, câu X tuỳ theo bài làm của thí sinh để cho từ 1 đến 5 điểm. 
- Tổng điểm toàn bài: 120 Points 
- Thang điểm: 20 
 Tổng số câu hoặc từ đúng
 Điểm bài thi = 

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