Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 10: Recycling

• Passive forms (Dạng bị động )

• Adjectives followed by:(Tính từ được theo sau )

• an infinitive ( Một tính từ )

• a noun clause ( Một mệnh đề danh ngữ )


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HELLO EVERYBODYGiáo viên: Nguyễn Viết ThuânTrường THCS Dương Quang-Mĩ Hào-Hưng YênUnit 10 . Languege FocusUnit 10. RecyclingLesson 5.Language FocusPassive forms (Dạng bị động )Adjectives followed by:(Tính từ được theo sau )an infinitive ( Một tính từ )a noun clause ( Một mệnh đề danh ngữ )A. Revision 1.Dạng bị độngDạng câu chủ động Dạng câu bị động S + V + O +... S + Be PP + ...By +ODạng bị động ở thì hiện đơn S + am/is/are + PP.... by ODạng bị động ở thì tương lai đơn S + will be + PP .... by OA. Revision V- ed work worked PP 3rd do dide.g 1: He plays soccer everyday Soccer is played everyday by hime.g 2: I will visit her tomorrow. She will be visited tomorrow by meA. Revision2. Tính từ theo sau một động từ nguyên thểe.g 1: It is difficult to learn English.e.g 2: I am happy to meet you.e.g 3: They are strong to work hard.3.Tính từ theo sau một một mệnh đề danh ngữ.e.g 1: I am happy that you passed your exams.e.g 2: She is sure that he can speak English well.B. ExercisesEx 1/p.95 Chuyển các câu sang câu bị độnga.Break the glass into small piecesThe glass is broken into small piecesb.Wash the glass with a detergent liquidc.Dry the glass pieces completely.d.Mix them with certain specific chemicalse.Melt the mixture until it becomes a liquidf.Use a long pipe,dip it into the liquid, then blow the liquid into intended shapes.B. Exercisesb. The glass is washed with a detergent liquid.c.The glass pieces are dried completely.d.They are mixed with certain specific chemicals.e.The mixture is melted until it becomes a liquid.f.A long pipe is used, it is dipped into the liquid,then the liquid is blown into intended shapes.B. ExercisesEx 2: Dùng động từ ở trong ngoặc ở dạng bị động thì tương lai đơn để hoàn thành bài hội thoạiHai: When (0) will the project be started, Doctor ? ( start )Dr Kim: Very soon.Hai : Many people want to see the time machine.Dr Kim:Yes.It (1)__________to the public when (show )it is finished.Hai : (2)____it______ by the end of the year,Doctor? (build)Dr Kim : I’m afraid not, but it (3)_______ before Tet. (finish)Hai :(4)_______it________ by you ? ( make )Dr Kim : No, I need you to build it . When can you start ?Hai: Let’s begin tomorrow.will be shownWillbe builtwill be finishedbe madeWillB. ExercisesEx 3:Dùng từ gợi ý ở trong ngoặc để hoàn thành bài hội thoạia.Ba: Turn right,then left and then left again. Nam: It’s ( 0) difficult to follow your direction. Can you start again, please ?b.Mr Dao: Can you do the exercise,Hoa ? Hoa: Yes, Mr Dao. It’s (1)_________________c.Lan: In the future, mankind might live on the moon. Nga: Really ? It’s (2)_____________________d.Mrs Thoa: Stop, Tuan ! It’s (3)_____________near the stove Tuan : Sorry, Mom.e. Hoa: Should I stir the mixture, Aunt Thanh ?Aunt Thanh: No, It’ (4)________________for five minutes.easy/understand dangerous/go difficult/follow hard/believe important/waiteasy to understandhard to believedangerous to goimportant to waitB. ExercisesEx 4:Dùng dạng thích hợp của Be và tính từ cho sẵn để hoàn thành bài hội thoạiDear Nam,Your grandfather and I ( 0 ) are delighted that you passed your English exam. Congratulation !Aunt Mai (1)__________that you remembered her birthday last week. She told me you gave her a beautiful scarf.I (2)_________that your mother is feeking better.Please give her my loveWe’re looling forward to seeing you in June. However, grandfather (3)_________that the day is wrong. (4)____you______that you are arriving on Saturday 20th ?I (5)________that there are no trains from Ha Noi on Saturday.Write soon and confirm your arrival date and time.Love, Grandmahappy delighted certain relieved sure afraidwas happy am relievedis afraidAresuream certainGood bye classSee you againThank you for your listening

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